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Dyson #ProjectLion Hair Dryer: Will It Be the Epitome of All Hair Dryers?

Dyson #ProjectLion Hair Dryer: Will It Be the Epitome of All Hair Dryers?

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    Apr 29, 2016   Author : admin

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We all love a bit of mystery in our lives and Dyson provided us with something to intrigue us recently. 

The electronics firm said that they had an exciting new product coming out in the next few days and gave us all a sneak preview. Sadly, their YouTube video only showed the enthusiastic faces of the people who were seeing it for the first time, without showing us what the product was. One of the reviewers said that it is “tiny”, while another called it “crazy”.

They also gave out clues during the last few days before the launch, although the technical data didn’t really help most of us. For instance, one trailer mentioned the new gadget being “milled to a tolerance of 15 microns” and having a “13-blade axial flow impeller”.

It turns out the product we have all been waiting on is a hair dryer. It is a small and extremely futuristic looking model that is also said to be incredible light. It runs on a small digital V9 motor that nestles in the handle rather than the head, to give a better balance. 

Dyson say that they have invested close to £50 million in research, using 103 engineers and 600 prototypes. All of that work has led to an amazingly light and silent dryer. It is said to make styling easy because of the way that the jets of air can be controlled and focussed. The intelligent heating control takes the gadget’s temperature 20 times every second, so that your hair doesn’t get heated too much.

The clever advertising campaign from Dyson certainly worked in terms of building up anticipation levels for the new product before the launch. This ensured that it got a fair bit of publicity when it was finally announced. Now the question is whether people actually like this lightweight hair dryer and want to buy one. 

The UK launch date is in June and the price is £299.

Images: | MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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