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Don’t Let Heartburn Ruin Your Christmas - Here’s How

Don’t Let Heartburn Ruin Your Christmas - Here’s How

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    Dec 21, 2016   Author : admin

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We all want to enjoy good food this Christmas, especially when the whole family comes and dines together. The fact that it is such a festive occasion is enough reason not to care about anything else, even what you eat. Sure, you are enjoying that slice of pie, or that whole scoop of ice cream with chocolate toppings. But yummy, fatty foods will eventually cause you to have heartburn. Yikes!

So what is heartburn, really? It's that burning sensation brought about by stomach acid backing up into the esophagus. Apart from that, you’ll also experience nausea, acidy taste in your mouth, uncontrollable salivation and difficulty in swallowing. It's not a pleasant situation to be in when everyone else is enjoying the sumptuous feasting.

How does one avoid heartburn? Well, in order to enjoy Christmas or New Year's Eve soirees in the coming days, below are some tips for you to get by.

Don't load up on sweets.

The sight of sugary sweets such as cakes, cookies and treats is very tempting not to eat during the holidays. But in order to avoid problems relating to heartburn-irritating symptoms, you will have to only chew a few bits and then you're done. It might be bittersweet watching everyone else munch on those savoury sweets, but your health will thank you later.

Take your time eating.

We all know it's very tempting to eat everything on the table come Christmas time, but hold up! Take your time chewing on your food before going for a second plate. People will have a high risk of developing heartburn when they rush and eat so quickly. So just relax, enjoy the moment and savour that delicious ham with wine.

Just nibble what's in your plate.

So you’re eating this delicious "Scallops with Curried Parsnip Purée, Parsnip Crisps and Pomegranate" dish, but then you want to skip to the best part and gulp down this fresh and tangy "Raspberry and Coconut Ice-Cream Pud". Well, like what we’ve mentioned, slow down and take your time. Don't pile your plate with foods you can't afford to gulp down all at once. But if you really want one of everything, then sample a few bites first and choose what you really like. Nibbling is the key to avoid heartburn.

Do an early morning stretch.

Yes, it's very tempting to sleep in all day just after celebrating Christmas or New Year's. But it's actually beneficial to get up early and stretch your body to avoid heartburn. The food that's still digesting in your stomach will cause your body to reflux, so it's really a good idea to walk it out or stretch. Plus, it's a good start to your holiday shenanigans.

Make a plan for the holidays.

There's only so much you can do to help yourself from relieving or avoiding heartburn. So if you know you're typically prone to developing heartburn, then by all means, plan for your holiday. Take note of the dishes and recipes you've been wanting to munch this Christmas, but avoid all fat-inducing ones. And in case you can't help yourself but eat, then keep your heartburn medicine with you this holiday season. It's better to celebrate prepared than never, right?

Overall, it takes discipline in order to avoid any heartburn attack while everyone else is enjoying the holidays. It's going to take away all of the enjoyment that comes with the occasion, so we highly suggest you follow through the prevention before you eventually regret everything. We hope you all have a wonderful and flavourful Christmas!


MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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