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DIY: 7 Quick and Inspiring Easter Décors

DIY: 7 Quick and Inspiring Easter Décors

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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One of the most fun ways of celebrating Easter is prepping your home for it, but not all of us may have the time (or the energy!) for exhausting DIY décor. That’s no problem: in this article, we’ve compiled seven easy and fun Easter décor you can do quickly, from bright Easter eggs, to adorable baskets, to spring wreaths.

Easter (or Spring) wreath

                  Perfect for your door or over the dining table, this Easter wreath adds a seasonal touch to your home, and a DIYed one makes it unique. This one is made with cupcake liners, which lets you be more creative with it. Choose colours and patterns that match your chosen Easter theme, and then head on to Farmhouse 38 for the full tutorial.

Polka Dot Easter Eggs

                  Polka dots are a classic Easter pattern, and eggs are the most traditional Easter element. Combine them and you get a bright, fun décor for your holiday. You can do it with glue spots here or with hole reinforcement stickers here.


No-sew Easter Basket

Baskets give off that homemade vibe that is central to Easter, and nicely crafted ones can make your Easter eggs and other décor pop out. Sure, you can easily substitute them with anything else in a real pinch—bowls, pails, maybe even jars, but DIYed baskets give a more personal touch to your home. These ones are incredibly easy and quick to make. No sewing needed!

Easter Bunny Burlaps

                  Nothing can be cuter and more adorable than bunnies, and they are definitely Easter icons. There are a hundred ways to incorporate them into your Easter décor—from store-bought porcelain bunnies, to paper mache bunnies, to bunny garlands, to bunny burlaps. Here’s a tutorial for a quick bunny burlap you can decorate your walls with—it’s rustic, but still very stylish.

Crepe Carrots

                  If you’re making bunnies, you might as well make carrots. It helps that these vegetables are actually abundant in spring, which means that you can stick the décor around your kitchen even after the Easter holiday. Martha Stewart has an easy-peasy tutorial for this DIY.

Easter Table Centerpiece

                  Nothing can get everyone into the Easter mood quite like a nicely crafted centerpiece can. This centerpiece is an inexpensive, easy DIY décor that kids can help you out with; simple as it may be to make, they’re very decorative and gives a natural finish to anywhere you put it on. This one is made with cut-out paper eggs and bare branches, and is held together by a vase. Head on here for the tutorial.

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