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Diet Trends to Look For in 2016

Diet Trends to Look For in 2016

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    Jan 13, 2016   Author : admin


With New Year come new resolutions. And among them, there is, of course, the ‘that’s it, I’m going on a diet!’ resolution. But really – how many times have you tried going on a diet starting from January 1? You probably don’t have enough fingers to count that. 

We’ve put together 5 diets that will most likely be trendy this year. Make sure you follow them, as these are the latest crazes in the world of diets.

Diet trends in 2015 indicated the increasing number of herbs-based diets, which is why it can be predicted that the trend will grow even bigger this year. It’s not about adding a little flavor to meals anymore, it’s all about using superfood-superherb-superhealthy benefits of herbs for weight loss.

Forget about coffee, tea and sugary juices that you’ve been drinking first thing in the morning. It’s matcha time! Matcha is powdered green tea rich in antioxidants called catechin polyphenols, and can already be found at Starbucks and Teavana. More juice bars and coffee shops are expected to follow suit and officially set a new trend in 2016. 

No more kale. Kelp, with its high iodine content, offers a great variety of health benefits, particularly it promotes efficient thyroid and pituitary function. And the thyroid, for its part, is responsible for regulating metabolism. 

Netflix and… cook! Over the past decade, we’ve been consuming tons of ready-prepared processed meals, but it seems that we – humans of 2016 – are starting to realize how much bad stuff these ready-prepared meals contain. That’s why this year, we’ll be most likely focusing on home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients. 

Sugar is the bad guy. Even though every health/weight loss expert on this planet has said million times that following a low-sugar diet results in weight loss, regulation of glucose level, reduced food cravings and a large number of other health benefits, we – humans of 2016 – don’t seem to fully comprehend it. But well, maybe this year will bring the change.

Sugar is the new fat, matcha is the new coffee, and kelp is the new kale. That’s what we’re having in 2016 among diet trends. And don’t forget to buy some herbs next time you go to the store – you’ll sure need them this year!

MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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