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5 Dairy Free Sweet Things We Tried And Loved

5 Dairy Free Sweet Things We Tried And Loved

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    Apr 22, 2016   Author : admin


Gone are the days when a dairy free diet is considered as a whimsical health trend, and some even go to the extent of living out their lives in accordance with a strict no dairy intake. According to SRUC, "Many high income countries have a distinctly ageing population profile. In the EU, 20% are 60 years of age or more, predicted to rise to 33% by 2050. Implications may include (Hughes, 2009): strong consumer interest in maintaining health and wellbeing into old age, specifically through greater attention to diet and exercise."

In addition to this research, people tend to avoid any of these sweet intake due to being allergic or intolerant to dairy. Some health concerns include gastroenteritis issues, chronic inflammation, aging, chronic digestive problems and worse, cancer. In addition, more cases of persistent adult acne are coming forward where dairy products such as milk, cheese, milk chocolate, etc cause occurrence of cystic acne or aggravate adult and severe type of cystic acne.

Here at My Yellow Canary, we're always on the hunt for anything healthy and delicious. In lieu of this, we tried these 5 dairy free sweet things to curb our sweet cravings in the past few months and surprisingly, we did not complain. 

Pana Raw Chocolate Orange, £3.30: This "Pana Raw Chocolate Orange" is personally our favourite dairy free chocolate because it is made with 60% raw cacao with pure essential tangerine and orange oil. It tastes a little bit tangy and tart, but delicious either way. We always reach for this chocolate bar whenever we're on Planet Organic or Whole Foods Market because it just helps improve our mood... especially during work deadlines (true story).

Pana Raw Chocolate Coconut Goji, £3.30: Another MYC personal favourite, this "Pana Raw Chocolate Coconut Goji" makes for a healthy chocolate bar when we're in dire need of something to eat here in the office. It's made of 50% raw cacao with goji berries and coconut flakes and contains a whole lot of antioxidants which is ideal for a hectic work week.

Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk, £2.50: This "Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk" contains no additives nor any sort of preservatives so we always stock this on the fridge for easy access before we head out for work. It's a great refreshment for early morning meetings since it contains spring water, coconut milk, cacao and date nectar. Healthy and refreshing, yes?

IQ Superfood Chocolate Espresso-Kick Coffee, £2.60: We're usually super pumped up in the morning, but when the 4PM slump kicks in, we just munch on this "IQ Superfood Chocolate Espresso-Kick Coffee" which tastes every bit an espresso but with a healthy twist. This chocolate bar is high in copper, phosphorous and manganese which helps boost energy. Definitely a great alternative to our usual cup of coffee (plus, it's cheaper).

Last on the list is a personal favourite of ours, too, which is Romeo's Sugar and Dairy free chocolate brownie. Romeo's is actually London's first sugar-free bakery which offers a variety of dairy free and vegan options such as cakes, pastries, breads and more. We highly recommend them for their tasty take on dairy free recipes!

We hope our list of dairy free products will satisfy your cravings for anything sweet and chocolate-y! 

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