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Current Affairs: Migrant crisis in EU- Migrants break through Police lines

Current Affairs: Migrant crisis in EU- Migrants break through Police lines

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    Sep 09, 2015   Author : admin


Hundreds of migrants and refugees muscled through police lines on the Hungarian-Serbian border Tuesday. Migrants – most of them from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – ran past police across open corn and sunflower fields, some carrying their children on the shoulders. Even though police officers followed them, they have not put much effort into stopping any of the migrants. Reports claimthat the breakout happened suddenly and there were no indications that it was planned.

Earlier on Tuesday, conflicts took place between police and migrants as the latter were forced to wait in the holding area. Migrants could not wrap their head around why Europeans are so reluctant to house them within the EU. On Monday, clashes between police and migrants erupted at road blocks.

Meanwhile, nearly 3,000 migrants, chiefly from troubled states of the Middle East, arrive in Macedonia each day. From January to August 2015, Germany received about 200,000 requests for asylum, with more than four in 10 of those requests coming from the Western Balkans. Many migrants, having reached farther into Hungary, complained about poor conditions in the holding areas in the country. Hungary had previously complained that EU rules obstructed them from allowing people without visas travel toward the west.

In other news, crowds of migrants attempting to get into Europe means all EU members must ‘meet the mounting crisis’German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday. Merkel urged each EU member to set up mandatory quotas to take a share of migrants.

Speaking at a Berlin press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, Merkel explained that the crisis has to be solved in the spirit of European solidarity. Referring to example of Germany and Sweden, Merkel said that the two countries are taking on a high measure of responsibility, while a common European asylum for migrant policy must be implemented across the EU. Germany can house ‘at least’ 500,000 migrants per year for upcoming several years, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has said. In 2015 alone, Germany expects over 800,000 migrants and refugees, which is four times more than in 2014. Gabriel also reminded that all EU states must share the burden and house migrants on their territories.

UNHCR, the UN’s refuge agency, stated that a record-breaking number of Syrian migrants – 7,000 – arrived in Macedonia alone and 30,000 were on Greek islands.

Image:  Darko Vojinovic/AP, Achilleas Zavallis/UPI | MYC Bulletin Writer: Polina Tikhnova

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