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Confusion over Baiji-Iraq & Syria Rebels seize army base in Deraa

Confusion over Baiji-Iraq & Syria Rebels seize army base in Deraa

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    Jun 09, 2015   Author : admin


Apparently, there have been some contradictions in the statements between the United States and Iraqi government. The Iraqis claimed that the city of Baiji was free from ISIS, while the US said that only half of the town is controlled by Iraqi government.

“It’s too early to declare Baiji liberated,” the US official, who has access to the latest intelligence on the matter, told CNN.

Meanwhile, a Defense Department spokesman, Army Colonel Steve Warren, reaffirmed that the town was not yet “liberated,” however progress was being made.

Warren called the progress of liberating Baiji, a town in northern Iraq, which is about 40 kilometers north of Tikrit, “more notable,” and said that allies had begun “rooting out the enemy.”

The Iraqi allied force consists of a mix of security forces as well as Popular Mobilization Forces, which are mostly Shi'ite militias.

According to Warren, Shi'ite militias were controlled by the Iraqi government, while the US government has declined to support Shi'ite militias that are not controlled by the Iraqi government. 


In other news, Syrian rebels seized a major army base in the southern province of Daraa on Tuesday.

The Southern Front, an alliance of Syria’s rebel groups, stated that the 52nd Brigade base was “fully liberated” from the regime army.

Rebels in Syria said they overran the base in a short and quick assault. The base is located outside the town of Harak and is the largest in Daraa province. 

Syrian officials have not yet confirmed or denied the setback. If it is indeed confirmed, the seizure of the army base would become yet another defeat suffered by the regime government in the past three months. 

Meanwhile, Islamic State militants seized the strategically valuable central town of Tadmur and the neighboring ancient ruins of Palmyra last month.


Images via Getty Images, Fadi al-Halabi/AFP/Getty Images | MYC Bulletin Writer Polina Tikhonova


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