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Common Workout Side Effects

Common Workout Side Effects

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    Jan 25, 2016   Author : admin

Posted in: FITNESS

Of all the good things exercise does to your body it might sound surprising to you, but workouts have side effects, too. Have you ever wondered why your skin feels itchy during a workout or why you want to go to the bathroom every time you run on the treadmill? 

Well, here are a few most common workout side effects you need to know as well as ways to get rid of them.

Your skin feels itchy

Why: your heart pumps more blood to the muscles, filling millions of capillary vessels. Expanding, the capillary vessels activate nerve endings that transfer signals to the brain, which, in turn, interprets those signals as itching

What to do: workout regularly. When your brain gets used to physical activity, it begins to ignore these signals. If you get rashes on top of itching, go see a doctor: it might be urticarial fever, caused by physical activity.

You want to go to the bathroom often, err very often

Why: jogging can cause bowel movement. Treadmill is more likely to cause bowel movement than cycling machine or elliptical trainer. 

What to do: don’t eat anything heavy at least 2 hours before the workout. Avoid large meals, food rich in fibers, fatty food and caffeine. Before the workout, do a warm-up session and go to the bathroom if you want to. The best is to empty your bowels before you hit the gym.

You’re feeling sick in the stomach

Why: it’s sort of the same as the above-outlined side effect.   

What to do: take note of the food that made you sick and never eat this food before workouts. Overall, avoid eating lots of fibers. 

You’re feeling dizzy

Why: the outflow of the blood to the legs when standing, overheating or an abrupt stop when performing an exercise. It is common for those who exercise regularly, because of the increased size of their heart’s ventricles. 

What to do: do active warm downs or take a sit after workouts. In both cases, the blood is pumped to the heart, which is exactly what you need.

You’re feeling numb in your toes

Why: your shoes are too tight. Your legs swell a little during the workout, particularly due to the heat produced by muscles. One more reason could be inflammation of the nerves connected to the toes.

What to do: move your toes every once in a while during the workout to improve blood circulation. If the problem doesn’t go away – buy shoes one size larger than your regular.  

As you can see, most common workout side effects can be easily explained and easily gotten rid of. So listen to your body during workouts and enjoy every second of physical activity! 


Image: | MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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