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Coffee Nation: A City Guide for Caffeine Lovers

Coffee Nation: A City Guide for Caffeine Lovers

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    Jan 22, 2016   Author : admin

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This article is not for those Starbucks coffee drinkers who – wherever they travel – scour the city looking for this coffee shop and believing their coffee adventure stops here. Because (can you imagine?) the Ethiopians also know how to make coffee! This article is for those folks who have broader caffeine views and find a pleasure in savouring different countries’ coffee styles and tastes.  

1. Rome, Italy

The Italians take coffee very seriously, so you are unlikely to find low-quality or diluted coffee here. If you are a buff of plain and slightly sweetened coffee, Rome is the right place for you – such coffee is a cult here. Keen tourists recommend drinking coffee farther from the tourist places – in a clubby café. The best places to savour coffee in Rome: Rosati, Caffè Greco, Ciampini.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

Sounds weird (though quite logical), but coffee is a cult in this cold northern country. The Icelanders even have a holiday of this drink – the Day of Sunny Coffee. The best and always competing coffee houses here are Stofan Cafe, Cafe Paris, Cafe Babalu.

3. Lviv, Ukraine

The city is just packed with extraordinary and authentic coffee shops where you can not only sip a heavenly coffee, but also see alternative styles of making this drink such as an aeropress, a pour-over, a cold brew and others. Lviv is also famous for its chocolate workshops. The best places to have a cup of coffee (or chocolate) are Glory Café, Credens Café, Atlyas, Black Coffee.

4. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is probably the world’s coffee leader as this city’s coffee shops were even included to the list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. You should taste cappuccino and espresso here, but what Vienna is especially proud of is their unique coffee recipe with cream and chocolate. Places to sit and sip: Cafe Neko, Cafe Weimar, Cafe Korb.

5. Seattle, USA

The citizens of Seattle are said to drink more coffee than other Americans. No wonder: this is the American capital of a coffee business. Starbucks started from here. But we would recommend you to discover other cool coffee places: Caffé Vita, Victrola Coffee, Tin Umbrella Coffee.

6. Istanbul, Turkey

The Turks have invented a unique way to make rich, strong unfiltered coffee in a special pot called cezve. The process takes up to 30 minutes, but the result is tremendous: coffee fully unveils its taste. We recommend visiting Velvet Cafe, Mandabatmaz, and KronotRop.

7. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

And finally the place where coffee was discovered and from where it started its triumphant march across the planet. The drink was actually named after the province of this country. Drinking coffee is a ceremony here: the grains are being roasted and grounded, and then a drink is being made in a clay pot standing on the live coals. For unforgettable coffee experience, visit Tomoca Coffee, Alem Bunna, and Mokarar (Harar) Coffee.


MYC Writer: Anna Yarmoshchuk | ​Edited by MYC EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Bhawna Kochhar

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