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Checkmate: Why Queen of Katwe is a Must Watch for All Girls Out There!

Checkmate: Why Queen of Katwe is a Must Watch for All Girls Out There!

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    Oct 26, 2016   Author : admin


Disney brings Queen of Katwe to theaters this week and we are more than excited to watch it!

Director Mira Nair has done an excellent job in making the film look as real as it gets, and that is a refreshing break from the romanticized accounts of African stories we have seen so far in Hollywood. The film set and shot in Africa, looks fresh and therefore is a must watch. Not to mention, an awesome cast featuring Madina Nalwanga and Lupita Nyong’o. But those are not the only reasons we are looking forward to the film. The strong female centric film is a must watch for women all over the world. No matter where you are living, this film has something we all can relate to and learn from. Here are some reasons that you NEED to go watch this film this weekend! 


It’s an inspiring true story about never giving up 

Queen of Katwe narrates the real story of Phiona, living in the slums of Katwe in Uganda, pursuing her dream to become a Chess Grandmaster. Fighting through her daily struggles, and led by a passion for the game the way she triumphs over the restrictions of her immediate world, is truly inspiring for all of us trying to be independent and struggling in our own rights.

Phiona is the confident role model we need 

Phiona is the fierce goddess we all need to look up to. She is unafraid, unyielding, and refuses to be bogged down by stereotypes. She doesn’t take things for granted and is always prepared for the turns the game might take. She truly is the best role model material for our little girls. 

The film stands for Feminism 

Unlike other feminist capers of Hollywood, the film brings out what feminism and being a strong female character means for all strata and women from all walks of life. Therefore, it really is a great take on a feminist film.

It shows the importance of opportunities and rising against all odds 

It makes it dawn upon the audience that not everyone is exposed to the same kind of opportunities and all our progressive are relative to the fact. It also inspires us that no matter the situation, the power resides in us only to battle and rise against it all!

Even the soundtrack is awe-inspiring

The soundtrack is gorgeously rife with girlpower anthems from the likes of Alicia Keys. The songs have beautiful lyrics that talk about “not giving up”. And, even if we are not watching the movie anytime soon, just a listen to the soundtrack can get us up and ready to tackle real life any given day!


Images by Disney     ||  MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta

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