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Celebrities Share Their Summer Fitness Routines

Celebrities Share Their Summer Fitness Routines

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    May 13, 2016   Author : admin

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Summer 2016 is almost here and we all want to be in the best shape possible as well as feel healthy and happy with ourselves, so let’s follow the celebrity tips to do a successful workout and make sure that we get in a perfect shape as they do (hopefully without spending a fortune on a personal trainer!).

Kristen Stewart    

The 26 years old Twilight movie star is known for having a fit, young looking body but, during an interview with GQ Magazine, she revealed that she is not a sporty person and actually never went to the gym before having to exercise for her role in Snow White and the Huntsman. She also added that after starting exercising and moderating her meals she felt fuller of energies than before.

Eva Longoria

The actress, at the age of 41 is in a perfect shape and still a beauty icon. She has repeatedly affirmed that she is not a fan of gyms and she doesn’t really like dieting, even though she has been working with a personal trainer for years on circuit training. During The Rachel Ray Show she said that she likes sports, in particular kickboxing, which she constantly practice to keep fit and healthy.

Hugh Jackman

The American actor is famous not only for his Wolverine impersonation, but also for his perfect body and golden muscles. Being featured on several fitness magazine covers, such as Men’s Fitness, he has revealed that he doesn’t particularly like the gym, but he likes keeping on shape with boxing, combining it with resistance and cardio exercises. He also added that, in his opinion, there aren’t any sports more tiring than boxing.

Emma Stone

The 27 years old American actress has revealed her workout routine and diet habits and it seems pretty surprising! She stated that she loves Pilates, while she hates hard training, especially “If there isn’t someone yelling in my face, then I’m just not into it.” She has also started working on her abs with a routine workout that also includes moderately running.

Hilary Duff

The 28 years old American actress’ workout strategy seems to be paying her back. She was in fact featured on the cover of Shape Magazine in 2015, looking stunning and that may be due to her diversified training, that she has started because, she said to People Magazine, when you get bored it’s easy to stay at home. There are some days that you feel super-motivated, while other periods, she could even not exercise for more than two weeks. 

She also revealed that she practises Pilates and spinning, combined to cardio exercises.

Mila Kunis

The American actress told to Shape Magazine that she loves outdoor activities to keep fit, from long walks to snowboarding. She has also become mum in 2014 and she soon after got back in shape to keep her bodyline perfect.

Katy Perry

The pop singer has a funny and effective way to keep fit: rope jumping. To CGG she said that she hates gyms, but she genuinely loves rope jumping and, actually she is quite good, almost “like Rocky” if she engages enough.

Well, this does not come as a surprise since we have seen her doing it several times during her live performances. Impressive!

Jennifer Lopez

Before Kim Kardashian, there was a time when the most famous back of all was J. Lo’s. She also got it insured, and we can totally understand why. Some time ago she has revealed to People Magazine that her workout is mainly focused on her legs, which she trains by doing squats and lunges. She has always been working with a personal trainer and she also added that her workout is really good for cardio as well and gives her surprising results back.

Kate Winslet

As the Daily Mail has defined her, curvy, blonde and English to the core, Kate Winslet is one of the most iconic actresses of our century. She has been battling weight issues all her life, saying that she was called "blubber" by her classmates and, now that she has an enviable body, she revealed to Elle that is not fruit of a crazy workout, but just of a 20-minutes per day Pilates’ session, while watching DVDs at home. She also doesn’t like “faddy diets”, as she said to the Daily Mail, but she tries to keep as much hydrated as possible.

Matthew McConaughey

Considered one of the sexiest men alive, Matthew McConaughey, 46, is in a great shape, always spotted by paparazzi jogging or training on the beach. He has revealed to the magazine Men’s Health that he uses to train outdoor and, quite often, he brings with him a weight to lift and balance it over his head, without putting it on the floor, moving the weight in every possible position to create resistance and train his muscles.


Yesterday, today and forever. 

Madonna is a true yoga fan and has been practicing it for ages. She also is passionate of fitness and, in 2010, she has founded the Hard Candy Fitness, “a global, high-end fitness brand with a distinctive difference”.

We are already tired just thinking about all of this workout, but we need to find the motivation to do like these celebrities, get back in shape and feel fabulous and happy!

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Images: | MYC Writer: Daniela Pisciottano

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