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A Broke Girl's Guide to Travel Rome

A Broke Girl's Guide to Travel Rome

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    Sep 25, 2016   Author : admin

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When it comes to plan a trip, there are two groups of people. The first one includes those who don’t have to worry about saving money or having to stick to a budget and can easily afford any kind of vacation without stressing out. The second group is the one I identify with and, probably, most of you as well: the “budget planned vacationers”.

Here is the truth, planning a trip based on our economic availability can be very frustrating, but we are here to help. Many people every year decide to spend their holidays within the EU because it’s going to be cheaper, but still, it’s not going to be like a one-way ride on the metropolitan ride.

To help you organize the best EU trip we have taken inspiration by the movie Roman Holiday so, if you don’t know where to begin planning everything you should have a look at the advices we are giving you to make the most out of your holidays staying within your price limit.

1. Getting to Rome

As you may know, there are plenty of websites and airline companies flying to Italy every day and, depending on the period of the year, you can or cannot find cheap flights to the biggest airports, such as Rome or Milan.

Here is a tip, avoid travelling on weekend days, such as Thursday or Friday, or the beginning of the week, Sunday night or Monday. In fact, apparently, flying in mid-week days (Tuesday, Wednesday) will make you save around $29 on a round trip.

Usually you will get better deals on low cost airlines, such as Easyjet and Meridiana, but if you research a flight on websites like eDreams or Skyscanner you may find some deals for bigger names as well, like British Airways.

2. Accomodation

Important: when you will book the flight online they will likely propose you a “convenient” flight+hotel package. Just don’t.

If you want to save money you must consider different opportunities other than staying in a Marriott. There are plenty of B&B’s in Rome and, to save even more, you can research them on a website like and then contact the B&B directly and see if they have any offers or special prices.

What’s also in vogue now is AirBnb, which gives you the chance to rent someone else’s entire apartment/house or, if you prefer, just a room in a shared flat.

3. Getting around the city

Avoid planned tourist trips because they are going to ask you a crazy amount of money just to bring you around the city in places accessible on foot as well. As you can see from the following Hop-on Hop-off map, you can easily go around by yourself.

In case you need to get somewhere away from the city centre, you can use the underground (“metropolitana”) or just take a bus. Otherwise, almost all of the interesting spots and historical attractions are easily reachable on foot; you can visit Piazza di Spagna and then go see the Fontana di Trevi with a short, pleasant walk.

4. Eating

It may seem obvious, but the best advice is to avoid famous places. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to visit Fontana di Trevi or Colosseo, but you should avoid eating in these highly touristic places and try to go in a more “ordinary” street, maybe a residential zone near to the touristic attractions.

In this way you still will be in the city centre, near to the interest focus, but without having to spend half of your budget on food.

5. Experiencing a good old Italian meal

The best way to live the city is meeting someone from the place, who can walk you around, and, ideally, bring you to a good “trattoria” (hash house) in Rome. 

Finding a good quality random restaurant in the city centre is not that easy if you are a foreigner so, what I suggest, is to visit the city during the day, maybe just eating a panino or a typical Roman “Grattachecca” (Slush) and then, in the afternoon, you could move to the suburbs of Rome, in the countryside, where you will have the chance to experience an original Trattoria, whose meals are usually delicious and genuine. 

The prices may vary in this case as well, but in this way you will spend a whole night in the open air, in perfect Italian style: vino, cibo e compagnia! 



MYC Lifestyle Writer: Daniela Pisciottano

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