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Start your A-game with your Breakfast!

Start your A-game with your Breakfast!

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    Apr 11, 2016   Author : admin

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Who doesn’t love eating heartily in the morning? But due to our work or hectic schedule, we take for granted one of the most important meal of the day. In order to get you back on track, we’re going to share with you some breakfast hacks that’ll make your mornings extra relishable than usual. Read on:

Hack #1: Make Use of Your Freezer

Your fridge is probably more important than you think come breakfast time. Apart from being a storage to your wet goods and grocery items, freezers are also where you store your pre-made meal when you’re in a rush for work. Prep up your milk, cereal and sandwiches for an easier morning task.

Hack #2: Prepare Everything the Night Before

It’s always better to be prepared, especially when we talk about food. Waking up early need not be something to dread of because when you have prepared your breakfast the night before, all you will ever have to do is eat. And that’s what we all love in the morning: the sight of food plastered on the table.

Hack #3: Make Scrambled Eggs from a Microwave

One of the many benefits of owning a microwave is to be able to make (or cook) almost anything with it, especially scrambled eggs. Just prepare your eggs the way you usually do, pop it inside the microwave, do your things for like five or so minutes, and viola! You have yourself a breakfast without breaking a sweat.

Hack #4: Make French Toasts with Your Crock Pot

Did you know you can make French toasts using your crock pot? It is a slow cooker that is used for simmering foods at a relatively low temperature. Slow cooking your toasts allows you to enjoy the rich and sweet taste of the breakfast delicacy, and is pretty much a hands-free option. It’s a great way to eat something special for breakfast without wasting so much time since you can prepare this earlier ahead.

Hack #5: Plan Your Breakfasts for the Whole Week

The best way to enjoy your work week is to be able to have the right amount of energy boosters via your food. Preparing for breakfast is something that we all should get accustomed to because this is the first part of our day before we take on the world. But you can also try to plan for your breakfast meals for one whole week in order to save time every morning (goodbye, snooze button). You can try to segregate the type of meal you want to eat for Monday to Friday by using individual baggies and mark them accordingly to date and type of food. Now that’s healthy planning!

Hack #6: Make Your Breakfasts On-The-Go

In addition to planning for your breakfast meals for one whole week, you can also prepare ones that are on-the-go. This allows you to enjoy your breakfast even if you’re already rushing for work... or when you have a business meeting to get to in the morning. Granola bars, sandwiches with almond chocolates, cookies, muffins or a piece of fruit is typically what your on-the-go breakfast will entail.

Hack #7: Your Mugs Are Versatile

Mugs are no longer for coffee purposes. It’s also a versatile piece of kitchen utensil that you can use to eat your morning meal such as cereal, rice toppings and marsh mallow. 

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