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Bored of Gym? Let's Look at these 3 Gym Alternatives to Try

Bored of Gym? Let's Look at these 3 Gym Alternatives to Try

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    Nov 30, 2016   Author : admin

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We all want to have a toned and fit body. Who doesn't, right? Gone are the days when getting fit can only be achieved inside a traditional gym. Today where being fit is totally a new trend in the fitness arena, there are a lot of different activities that can substitute to gym workout for you try. If you are to spend a good amount of time and money to get fit, you have to make sure that you'll find an activity that fits you, your personality and your lifestyle. A fun and exciting workout that will motivate you to wake up every morning and will make you commit to a healthier lifestyle. Still not sure what suits you? Read on to know more about 3 different gym alternatives that you can try:


If you think you can handle the fusion of ballet, pilates, and yoga in one workout, then Barre exercise is for you. A complete workout that is both fun and challenging, Barre is the perfect workout to improve your overall muscle tone and burn down extra calories. It aids in building and maintaining body alignment and strengthening and toning out the core and muscles. To completely perform a Barre exercise, you need a ballet Barre, small weights, Pilate balls and resistance bands. Check out where they teach here: XTEND Barre London.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing goes way, way back. A form of art that is commonly seen in movies, Pole dancing is a great workout alternative that will unleash the fierce woman in you. But going beyond that, Pole dancing is a complete workout that allows you to build and enhance your upper and lower body, as well as core strength. It is also an interactive form of exercise for it is an exercise that’s perfect to do with friends. Check out where they teach here: Pole Dancing School London.


Pilates is a known exercise routine alternative to gym workout. It is simple as you wont need any equipment to be able to execute the routines. No wonder, fitness buffs are definitely hooked. It’s the perfect workout for people who have joint pains or muscle weakness, as it will not put too much strain on this with this condition. A perfect variant for people looking for quick workout or in a hurry for you can finish some routines in a shorter amount of time compared to a regular gym workout. Some of the benefits in practicing Pilates are spinal support, better balance and coordination, and as well as the release of pain from tired muscles. Pilates is definitely a convenient workout for people on-the-go. Check out where they teach here: Pilates UK.

With tons of workout alternatives to choose from, you will definitely find the perfect workout activity for you. There’s no more excuse not to exercise and get fit. Try one of these workouts to see why a lot of people are bidding adieu to the traditional gym and saying hello to one of these alternate workout alternatives! 

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