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Beyoncé Creates a Pop-Culture Milestone with “Lemonade”

Beyoncé Creates a Pop-Culture Milestone with “Lemonade”

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    Apr 27, 2016   Author : admin

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If there exists a diva today who can spin off a flawless marketing plan – ladies and gentleman, it’s none other than Beyoncé. She is the biggest name in Pop music today for a reason, and with her latest “Lemonade” she just takes it a notch higher! 

It all started when sometime back she started teasing out snippets of something called “Lemonade” on her Instagram and had fans scratching their heads and waiting with bated breath for the big reveal. We had no idea though, what on earth Lemonade signified at this moment. 

Soon there was yet another ambiguous update – a trailer on HBO that was equally enticing but hardly revealing anything. A bunch of montages against dark backdrops with Queen Bey posing mysteriously- Is it a video, a movie? Guesses started flying around by the minute. But, at least now we had a date, 23 April was the day we had been waiting for. Considering all the possibilities it was more or less confirmed that this might be news of a latest album, as it seemed to be the right time for a follow-up to her fifth studio album that released in 2013.  

As fans sat glued to their screens at the time of the premier – nothing could take their attention away from the big “Lemonade” moment. Well nothing except Kim Kardhasin’s Instagram feed, it appears. Okay, we admit, we were briefly sidelined by Kim Kardashian, when she decided to unveil a series of internet breaking pictures, just in time for the premier of Lemonade! Internet obviously went berserk for a moment - in true Kim K style! 

So, was Kim K really trying to steal Beyoncé spotlight? Well, we’ll hardly get to confirm that, but it sure did catch our attention right before Lemonade blew our minds! 

And, yes! We were right it’s a brand new album! But, here’s the thing about Beyoncé albums – we think we are prepared for it, but really, we are not. “Lemonade” turns out to be a full-length visual album that premiered on HBO that night, and is now available on Tidal. It’s not one, but a series of connected music videos relayed in chapters format against a voiceover by Beyoncé reading poetry. It’s gorgeous, to say the very least. And, it’s hardly like anything we have seen before. 

The themes bridge between infidelity and reconciliation which hints subtly towards her marriage with Jay Z. It also has some references to black womanhood and celebrates the same. If we talk about the videos, there is no doubt that they are gorgeously shot as well with settings that range from swamps to plantation houses. And, we can spot a few special guests too, including Jay Z and Blue Ivy! 

As expected of the Queen Bey, it is indeed a remarkable album. But, we also think “Lemonade” is going down in history for setting new milestones in music marketing and for its sheer creative brilliance. 

Images: Lemonade Video, Instagram | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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