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A Better Picture: Best Camera Apps for Your Phone

A Better Picture: Best Camera Apps for Your Phone

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    Feb 03, 2017   Author : admin

You just never know when the perfect photo opportunity will appear in front of you. Maybe you will spot the Beckhams strolling with Brangelina or see the chance for an awesome, one in a lifetime selfie. Well, if you have the right mobile app on your phone you will feel more confident about making the most of this shot.


This free iOS app gives you a huge amount of control over the photos you take using your phone. In fact, it turns your iPhone camera into pretty much a better looking version of a manual camera. This means that you can control the exposure, the colour balance and the shutter speed. Of course, if you just want to grab a quick snap you can also do this, as well as later edit your photos.

Manual – iOS and Android

This appropriately named app is another that gives you a great deal of manual control over your iPhone or Android camera. In this case it costs just over a pound. For that price you get an app that lets you change the shutter speed, the IOS and the exposure. You can even choose to focus manually if you like. This let’s you spend a lot of time on the set up in order to get the perfect shot every time. Manual is probably best suited to photography experts but it is also good fun to mess around with. 

Camera+ - iOS

 This is a combined camera and image-editing app that costs a couple of pounds to download. It is easy to use, so well worth giving a try if you want to get more control of your snaps. Even if you aren't an expert then you could install this on your iPhone or iPad and start using it.

ProCamera 8 - iOS

One of the really nice things about ProCamera 8 is the way in which it opens up by giving you the choice from a number of pre-set camera configurations. You can then choose to fine-tune it by changing any one of a wide range of functions and settings. This is one of the more expensive camera apps for the iPhone but it offers an impressive range of options.  


Images: Blog.StormCart.In,, Kinja, | MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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