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Best Burger Restaurants In London

Best Burger Restaurants In London

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Burgers are guilty pleasures that few of us can resist. If you sometimes get the craving for a burger then you will be pleased to see that the capital has a number of terrific places to grab one. In the recent years, the burger scene in city has considerably improved and increased. Some of them are also healthier then you might think.  

Boom Burger, Notting Hill

If you like the idea of a burger with a Caribbean twist then Boom Burger is a great choice. The options from their Jamaican born chef include the Boom Burger, the Fish Boom, the Veggie Boom and the Jerk Boom. A side of plantain fries or a jerk salad add a further exotic twist worth trying. You will find Boom Burger on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. 

Meatliquor, Wellbeck Street

American style burgers are the order of the day here at Meatliquor. This means that you can take your pick from the likes of a meaty Cheeseburger, a Green Chilli Cheeseburger, a Buffalo Chicken Burger or even a Dead Hippie. The rest of the menu is equally tempting, with Southern Style Slaw, Mac N Cheese and Chilli Dog options. Meatliquor is located on Wellbeck Street, while you can get a takeaway at MEATmarket in Covent Garden.

Patty & Bun, Liverpool Street and James Street

If you head to Liverpool Street for your burger then you won't be left disappointed at Patty & Bun. The fun names on the menu here include the Jose Jose Chilli Burger, the Smokey Robinson Burger and the Hot Chic Chicken Burger. There is also a branch in James Street and a new location opening in The Arch. In addition, they also now have a cool food truck.   

Elliot's, Borough Market 

Elliot's is another London burger joint that doesn't skimp on the meat or the trimmings. Their Borough Market location offers burgers that many would class as the best in the city. Caramelised onions and tender meat make this a very special sort of burger. 

Honest Burgers, Various Locations

The simple and straightforward name of this burger joint tells you a lot about it. This is all about the genuine pleasure of a tasty slab of meat on a bun. 100% ground beef, coleslaw and classy British cheese are the main attractions. Honest Burgers started out in Brixton and now have branches in Soho, Camden,  Portobello and a few other spots.      


Images: Boom Burger, Patty and Bun, Honest Burgers | MYC Lifestyle Writer: Robert Bell

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