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Be Your Own Mistress of Spices: Lose Weight with Spices

Be Your Own Mistress of Spices: Lose Weight with Spices

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    Oct 28, 2015   Author : admin

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We’ve all grown used that it’s almost impossible to have a delicious meal without spices and herbs. But have you known that spices can be used to lose weight?

We all know that in order to lose weight, we should eat healthy low-calorie food, but for some reason we struggle to do it. Why? Because you don’t find such food edible to your palate. Period. 

However, if we add spices to such healthy food as lean meat, veggies, soups and many other food – it all immediately has a much better taste. It becomes more delicious and we enjoy eating it, which helps us stick to eating healthy food. 

So which spices exactly should you add to food? 


Cinnamon has been long known for its properties to burn fat from the inside. This spice lowers the level of glucose in the blood, which, in return, gets rid of the fat layer around the stomach. 

Besides, thanks to this sweet scented spice, the sugar is much faster digested in the body. As a result, the body doesn’t produce excessive fat cells. You can replace sugar with cinnamon by adding it into your tea or coffee.


You can use ginseng in its natural form or use it as a spice. Ginseng is known for its weight-loss benefits. This herb speeds up your metabolism and gives you energy for the whole day.


Ginger is very beneficial for your health: it eliminates toxins and normalizes the metabolism. Thanks to ginger, the body digests food faster, which is important for weight loss. If you grate a ginger’s root, pour boiled water in it, and let it infuse for about 10 minutes, you get a great tea for weigh loss! You can also add other spices into it – like cinnamon.

Hot spices

Hot spices such as hot pepper, horseradish, mustard, chili and black pepper have weight-loss properties as well. All of the above-mentioned spices boost your metabolism and energy in the body. 


Last but not least – turmeric. Scientific evidence does not show any direct effects of turmeric on weight loss, but it does show that this spice helps prevent the re-growth of fat after weight loss.

If you’re not using any of these spices, you’re missing out a lot if your goal is to lose weight. Such small things can make such a difference, if you think about it.


MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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