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Is BBC going to compete with Netflix and Amazon?

Is BBC going to compete with Netflix and Amazon?

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    May 25, 2016   Author : admin

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MYC Writer Angela Murray gives her opinion on the possible BBC subscription service.

There are rumours in the mill that the BBC is going to launch a pay for subscription service which will rival Amazon and Netflix. It may be news to many, but the signs have been there for a while – probably since their highest grossing series Top Gear headed over to rivals Amazon. It costs £5.99 for a monthly (no contract) subscription with Netflix or Amazon. The question is will the BBC expect consumers to pay for a BBC subscription service and a TV license at £145.50 per year as well?

You don’t need to possess a TV license to watch Netflix or Amazon because the programmes streamed aren’t live. Many people don’t watch live TV - they don’t need to, unless they are watching live reality shows which enable them to vote. So if the BBC subscription service is not live streaming -you are watching after the original show has aired, should you still have to pay for a license?

Will consumers have the choice to opt out of paying for a TV license and just signing up to the BBC subscription service or will they have to pay both? 

Many of us are advocates of “if you don’t use it, why pay for it”. Many people don’t have time or don’t wish to watch live TV, therefore they have no license, instead they choose to pay a monthly no contract subscription to Netflix, Amazon or Now TV. 

BBC iPlayer used to leave six part dramas on their site for a few months after they aired, now they are there for a few days then a price tag of £9.99 is affixed if you wish to “download” the box set. How many times would you want to watch the same drama again and again once you know the ending! You can download movies and box sets from Amazon – it costs £5.99 per month (not per box set) and no license fee. So, BBC you may make great nature documentaries (thank you David Attenborough) but you can keep your license fee and subscription thanks, people like to be in control of how much they spend. The BBC will say “yes but we make original programmes which is why you pay the license fee” - but that’s no excuse, so do Amazon and Netflix.

Now, more than ever consumers are watching their money, they like to be in control of what they watch and spend each month, we are paying rents which are higher than before, the cost of living is increasing and people’s wages are not, and it seems large corporations are still trying to make a quick buck at the consumer’s expense. So BBC, if you are planning on competing with Netflix, Amazon and Now TV, let people choose – if they want your subscription service and don’t watch live TV they shouldn’t have to pay the license fee as well.

Images:,, TheVerge | MYC Writer: Angela Murray

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