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Aqua Fitness to Get in Shape & Prenatal Aqua Classes

Aqua Fitness to Get in Shape & Prenatal Aqua Classes

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    Dec 13, 2015   Author : admin

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Are you looking for a quick and fun way to get in shape or are you a pregnant woman looking for a safe way to exercise and keep both you and your child healthy? Then aqua fitness must be included into your ‘to-do’ list ASAP.

If you have not tried aqua aerobics and aqua fitness yet, we advice you to do it as it is an absolutely new kind of sport which is distinguished by its high efficiency and uniqueness. The water environment of aquatic workouts, which are performed in a swimming pool, has a positive and relaxing effect on your muscles, making it possible to perform even the most difficult stretching exercises without pain and extensive effort.

Aqua fitness can arouse the interest of a great number of women since it is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Excess weight and aqua aerobics are incompatible ideas as water not only gives your body a unique and incredible massage - and it is commonly known that cellulite is hostile to hydromassage - it also functions as body shaping and belly dance together. 'Gentle water streams' circulate around your skin, helping to shape up your body, making it more gracious and slender.

However, it should be noted that water aerobics is not a sport for women only. Aqua fitness makes it possible for a great number of men to build an attractive well-muscled body with the help of higher-intensity workouts guided by a male coach. 

Besides, both female and male athletes resort to aqua fitness for muscle recovery. Where do you think most marathon/triathlon athletes spend their time after they have finished their competition? That’s right, they visit their local swimming pool, since aqua fitness is known for its recovery properties and relaxing effect on both the body and soul. In addition to that, aqua fitness allows you to recover from injury while maintaining great physical condition.

Neuroscientists claim that aqua fitness contributes greatly to calming your nerves; moreover, it is an effective means of fighting insomnia and appetite disorders. 

In addition, aqua fitness improves the work of your vessels: during the immersion in cool water vessels are narrowed, and after taking intensive exercises they are expanded. Consequently, aqua fitness is a perfect variant for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it is proven that while you are taking water exercises, the number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets increases, which has a positive effect on your body.

First of all, for your water workout you will need a swim suit, swim cap, flip flops, soap and washcloth. ‘What about the equipment?’ should you ask. Generally, every fitness club has all the necessary equipment for aqua aerobics. 

Aqua fitness is becoming increasingly popular among the pregnant women, who make their best to raise the knees up to their chin, despite their pregnancy bumps. Pregnancy aqua aerobics is a wonderful kind of sport, and an essential one. “Why is that?” you might ask. First of all, you cannot possibly get an injury or a bruise in water. Second of all, because you are moving, the body gets saturated with oxygen, which is immediately sent to the foetus, in a way that facilitates the foetus to receive yet more nutrients with the oxygen. 

We bet you are already excited to try aqua fitness for yourself! It doesn’t matter whether you are a pregnant woman who is looking for fun and safe fitness activity, or whether your goal is to get in shape or recover from an injury – aqua fitness is something you should at least consider. We would advise you to start going to aqua fitness with a group of friends because it’s fun. Also, consider getting a personal trainer to maximize results.  


Images: | MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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