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5 April Fool's Day Pranks For A Good 'Ol Laugh

5 April Fool's Day Pranks For A Good 'Ol Laugh

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    Apr 01, 2016   Author : admin

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April 1st is fast approaching, ladies and gentlemen. And what better way to convey your giddiness for the occasion than by throwing some random (but highly recommended) pranks to your family or friends. Because one prank is not enough, though... why not do five? Below are some April Fool's prank that won't get you kicked out at home... well, hopefully. Enjoy pranking one another:

1) Place a "For Sale" signage outside your house just before your kids arrive from school. When your kids get home, tell them you've just sold the house and you're moving to Iceland... or Egypt. Anything goes!

2) Bath time with no bubbling soap. Before any of your family member goes to the shower, paint a bar of soap with a colourless or clear nail polish and let it dry for a good 5-10 minutes. Then place it in the shower and laugh things off when someone asks "Why isn't this soap bubbling?!".

3) Cover the remote control sensor. When someone turns the TV on for the latest news or cartoon network binge, they'll wonder why the channel isn't switching no matter how many times they press a button.

4) Frozen iPad screen. When your partner goes for a quick bathroom break in the middle of scrolling through his iPad, take a quick screenshot of the screen and leave the photo in full screen mode. Your partner will scratch his/her head thinking the iPad froze.

5) Super glue some coins outside your yard. Your kids initial reaction will be priceless seeing a few coins outside your house... but wait 'till they realize they can't take it off the ground. It's even more hilarious; make sure you record their surprised and frustrated faces while you're at it.

HA HA HA, HAPPY 1st April, everyone!

Images: | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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