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Anti-Aging Foods: What are They?

Anti-Aging Foods: What are They?

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    Dec 09, 2015   Author : admin


If you don’t want to look older than you are, you have to include foods that fight the first signs of aging and protect the skin from photo-aging.


Greens are not just the perfect ingredient for salads, but also a product that protects your skin from sunburns and premature aging when it’s hot. The greens are high in vitamin A, which protects your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, prevents dryness and irritation, as well as fights acne and helps to keep the skin hydrated. If you want to have a clean skin without wrinkles and always look fresh, eat greens at least twice a day.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea does not contain sugar and caffeine. It is a healthy alternative to black tea and coffee, which can instantly boost your energy level. Antioxidants found in rooibos tea helps prevent sunburns and premature aging, reduces blood damage and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Since the tea is sweet itself, it also helps to overcome the cravings for sweets.

Green tea

This refreshing drink is not only delicious, but also healthy. Green tea contains antioxidant EGCG, which helps prevent and fight certain types of cancer, including skin cancer. It also protects your skin from harmful sunrays, prevents sunburns and helps reduce wrinkles. Green tea is also an excellent drink for people who want to lose weight.


Broccoli is one of the best foods that prevents aging and sunburns. Broccoli also has powerful anti-cancer and anti-aging properties, and contains many essential vitamins, including vitamins A and C. In summer, broccoli helps prevent wrinkles caused by sun exposure and sunburns.


All berries are good sources of powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins, but one of the best are strawberries. Strawberries are full of vitamin C, which acts as a natural sunscreen and helps prevent sagging of skin as well as wrinkles, and sunburn.


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