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The Amazing London Street Food to Indulge this Weekend!

The Amazing London Street Food to Indulge this Weekend!

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    Aug 26, 2016   Author : admin


Where else can you find all the best authentic street foods than in the City of London? There are a lot of restaurants that offer different cuisines from around the world such as Thai and Vietnamese. The whole experience is even better when you check out the city’s incredible street food scene; below are some of the best places in London to get some amazing street food eats and delicacies:

1) Pho: Vietnamese

The wonderfully exotic flavours of Vietnamese street food can be tasted in Pho. You will find Pho in a number of places in London, as well as outside the capital. Soho, Islington and Oxford Circus are among its main locations, while the first ever Pho was the one that is still going strong in Clerkenwell. Their speciality dish is the delicious Vietnamese soup that the restaurant takes its name from. As well as this iconic dish, you can also try other Vietnamese meals as well as beers, coffees, fruit juice and more, all in a relaxed and atmospheric setting.

2) East Street Restaurant: Asian

Anyone who has ever travelled in Asia knows that the amazing food on offer on streets and in markets is one of the highlights of time spent there. Rather than focusing on just one national cuisine, the East Street Restaurant on Rathbone Place cleverly offers dishes from a number of East Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia.  This means that there is a great variety on offer, from noodles to stir fries and from curries to interesting desserts. A big choice if you want to try a few different things in one place.

3) Koshari Street: Egyptian

If you haven’t yet tried Egyptian style street food then Koshari Street  is somewhere you will want to check out soon. The name Koshari comes from the typical Egyptian vegetarian meal of the same name. With lentils, vermicelli, rice and a tasty topping of a spicy sauce, chickpeas and caramelised onions it is definitely worth trying. This is healthy street food at its best and they offer it with salads, desserts and fresh fruit juices.

4) Big Apple Hot Dogs: American

It used to be that you couldn’t say you had really eaten an authentic hot dog until you had done so on the streets of New York. Well, now you can do it in London as well. You will find Big Apple Hot Dogs on Old Street, while they often head out to festivals and other events to keep everyone well-fed. The star of the show is the utterly massive Huge Pole, but the Big Dog and the Pimp Steak are well worth trying if you aren’t sure you could handle 8 inches of American street food in one sitting. Be sure to check out some of the classy toppings while you are savouring your hot dog.

5) Churros Garcia: Spain

If you have ever enjoyed a night out in Madrid or Barcelona then you will know that churros are an essential part of the late night or early morning experience. Excitingly, they are now also a part of the Saturday Portobello Road Market experience too. They can be tried on weekends at the Real Food Market on the South Bank. These fried delights represent Spanish street food at its best and Churros Garcia can also be seen at festivals and events in and around the capital.

6) Ladle & Skillet: British

The best place to catch the street treats on offer at Ladle & Skillet is at the Real Food Market behind the Festival Hall on the South Bank. They are there Friday through to Sunday every week, although they also appear in other parts of the city from time to time.  They also set up the Elephant Shack in Elephant & Castle.  Organic flatbreads and quality local produce are the name of the game here.

7) Love Me Tender: British

Another place worth checking out at the Real Food Market is Love Me Tender. This is where you will be tempted by the sight and smell of incredible slow cooked pork. Ciabatta rolls and apple sauce add to the sensory pleasures of stopping to try this wonderful British street food.

8) Speck Mobile: Austrian

Austrian cuisine isn’t among the most well-known in the world but the Speck Mobile eatery sets out to try and change all that. The Secret Cinema on Hill Valley is its most established location but it does get out and about. Expect some cracking dumplings, sauerkraut, schnitzel and, of course, apple strudel.  

9) The Grilling Greek: Greek

When it comes to colourful characters selling street eats in London it doesn’t get much more intriguing than with Spyros. This guy was an executive chef in London and New York but decided to set up a food stall on the streets of the UK capital and serve typical Greek food while playing music from his homeland. His menu includes souvlaki, tzatziki and some top notch desserts. You can find him at Kings Cross.

10) Jamon Jamon Paella: London

One of the longest running street food places in the city is Jamon Jamon, which has been around since 2004 and provides a lively atmosphere as well as lovely food. The stall is on Portobello Road and it offers chorizos, tortillas and soups as well as paella. If you want to try some of the finest flavours of Spain on the streets of London then this is the place to head to.    

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