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Acroyoga Is Going to be Your New Favourite Workout

Acroyoga Is Going to be Your New Favourite Workout

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    Sep 16, 2016   Author : admin

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You might have probably seen a few Instagram acroyoga poses or might have passed across an acroyoga studio class, but little did you know that this newest form of yoga could actually be the one for you. If you’ve tried yoga before and found it a little too boring for your taste, acroyoga could change all that. Acroyoga is actually a holistic combination of yoga, acrobatics and healing arts. It might be intimidating at first, but mind you, you don’t really need to be knowledgeable of gymnastics.

For those who find it interesting and would like to give it a try, here are some of its benefits that might push that go button:

Acroyoga improves your concentration

In all forms of yoga, you only need one thing to make it work: discipline. Once you learn to harness the art of self-discipline, it will lead to your better concentration and this concentration helps you get rid of stress and worries. Acroyoga is an intra-personal process, one must work on her inner concentration first before she gets to do all those difficult poses with her partner.

Acroyoga helps you develop relationships

In order to practice acroyoga, one needs a partner. Yes, and you might wonder how on earth can you trust that person not to break your bones and legs? Well, here’s the secret: acroyoga helps you develop and nurture relationships. It might not be easy and you might find it awkward at first but that’s the very secret: learning to let go of your fears and trusting your partner. Besides, trust is first and foremost one of the foundations of a strong relationship. You can practice this with your best friend, sister, lover, and also with a stranger. 

Acroyoga develops core strength

Acroyoga allows you to develop core strength so if this is your target for the next years, this particular discipline of yoga might be best for you. Most of the acroyoga poses fall in the category of proper balancing and stabilization. And in order to move, shift and hold many acroyoga poses and combinations, it is essential to hold a firm and tight core neutral position. 

Acroyoga strengthens one’s immune system

There are several acroyoga poses that help in boosting your immune system. This type of yoga proactively engages inversions. Inversions usually result to circulation of the blood and after, it returns to its normal system with new buoyancy. All the endocrine glands function, which in turn helps in hormone production. This explains why it helps you strengthen your immune system. 

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