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8 Life Saving Ways to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

8 Life Saving Ways to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

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    Dec 16, 2016   Author : admin

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If you are into a long distance relationship, your friends and family may discourage you from taking it seriously. Why? Because everybody knows that long distance romance almost always doesn’t work out. Well, you cannot really blame them. It's tough to be far away from the one you love. We all know the feeling of missing someone so badly. Temptation is everywhere, and when your sweetheart is not around, there is a chance that someone else may try to take his or her place.  

Keeping the love alive is one of the biggest challenge these couples have to face. So, how do you keep the fire burning in your relationship even if you cannot be intimate with each other? Try these hot tips for long distance lovers like you.

Send Sexy Notes

A good old fashioned snail mail containing your deepest darkest desires for your lover Is a very sexy move. Splash a little of your favorite perfume or mark it with your kiss, then send it over your partner. This is something tangible that can be smelled, every time he or she misses you. It is a reminder of that one special person waiting for love on the other side of the world.

Do Some Photo Teasing

A little imagination can spice up your long distance love affair. Send each other sexy pictures of yourselves within the day. Give your partner something to stare at when he or she misses you (and vice versa). This creates excitement and anticipation for the next time you get to see each other and have the chance to be intimate again.

Go on Virtual Dates

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Cool websites like allows you to create an avatar of yourself and interact with others from anywhere in the world. You and your lover can create a digital version of yourselves and actually go out on a virtual date. Let your sexual fantasies come alive online and share it with your significant other.

Try Sending Flirty Texts

Let your lover know that you are thinking about him or her by sending sensual and passionate text messages. Flirting through text is a simple way to express your desire for your partner. Since these messages are just between the two of you, you can send whatever naughty, sexy, or dirty message you want. And the best part of it is, you can do it anytime and anywhere,  even while you are on the go.

Make Passion Calls

Do you remember the last time you heard your lover’s voice as you made love? Hearing his or her bedroom voice over the phone can be very sexy and thrilling. And since you cannot be with each other physically, you have to spice up your conversation with some dirty talk. Tell your lover what you think is the sexiest part of his or her body. What does he or she do to you that drives you wild? Reminisce the last time you made love and describe how it felt for you. Talking about these will transport your love’s mind to those hot moments with you. 

Have Some Phone Sex

The much sinned phone sex is the most common way to keep the love alive between long distance lovers. You can both pleasure yourself as you talk on the phone and tell each other what you are doing to yourself. Use your bedroom voice and do heavy breathing to turn each other on. Slowly tell your partner every sexy detail and allow his or her fantasies to go wild. 

Read Erotica To Each Other

If dirty talk is not your style and you are not very expressive when it comes to your desires, you can try giving your lover a copy of erotica. Take turns reading each chapter to each other and enjoy the passionate story together. Stories like these can tickle the imagination and arouse your desires. 

Have Some Face Time Love (or Skype)

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How about prepping things up with a private video chat in your sexy undies with your sweetheart. You don’t need your imagination for this one. Since it is a private chat room, you can do whatever you want. Show your lover what he or she is missing out on. 

Keeping things hot in a long distance relationship is tough, because the lack of intimacy and the loneliness always gets to you. But with a little imagination and the help of modern communication, you can keep things hot and steamy even if you are apart.

MYC Writer: Sheila Noreen L. Gamo

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