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7 Cardio Alternatives to Running

7 Cardio Alternatives to Running

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    May 10, 2015   Author : admin

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Running is an incredible way to pump up the heart rate and burn fat fast, but at some point we get stuck in a rut or another and have to look for cardio alternatives to it. And guess what? No problem! There are so many other cardio options aside from running, and doing these other forms of working out can actually do good to your body by challenging it. Here are 7 great cardio exercises you can do, inclusive of both indoor and outdoor activities.

Jumping Rope

Right. Kids can do this. But trust us when we say that jumping rope can get you out of breath within a shorter span of time than running does. It doesn’t just burn fat, too—it also strengthens your muscles, like the ones in your core and legs, because you have to keep yourself stable and balanced enough while keeping a rhythm in jumping rope. This burns more or less 300 calories for 30 minutes.


We’re all in for fun cardio! Dancing is a great way to enjoy yourself while doing cardio (not that you don’t enjoy yourself in other workouts, but dancing definitely has it easy). The flow of movements can get you focused and challenged, plus the movements are more attuned to the music that is playing. It’s essentially a more expressive cardio than others.


Biking is an aerobic exercise that is often compared and contrasted to running. Biking is an equally engaging form of exercise that improves your flexibility and tones your muscles, too. Some people are also into its tendency to become a little dangerous and out-of-control, such as when one is cycling down a steep road or hill. This can burn more or less 500 calories per hour, but it depends on factors such as your weight and speed, too.


​Tabata is a killer form of workout that implements the High-Intensity Interval Training concept. Created by Izumi Tabata, this form of workout is typically comprised of eight sessions, with each Tabata circuit lasting four minutes. You give your hardest—fastest, most intensive—for 20 seconds and take a break between moves for 10 seconds. You can also stick to one move, like jump squats or mountain climbers, or do a variety.


Swimming is a great way to tone your muscles because water is denser than air, plus it improves respiratory fitness. Studies have also shown that swimming demands the same meditative, focused mindset that yoga does, which results to a relaxing, soothing effect on your mind.


Hiking is another aerobic exercise that gives you a good view while you’re doing it—literally, because you climb up terrains and witness different landscapes according to seasons. It helps especially puts pressure on bones and muscles because it is dependent on body weight, and improve cardiovascular fitness, and because you get exposed to nature while hiking, you also get the benefit of increased serotonin levels.


Fitness Health 101 defines kickboxing as a sport comprised of movements from boxing, aerobics, and the general martial arts. The kicking, punching, and swiping movements of kickboxing is great for releasing pent-up energy and getting a good, fat-torching workout. It burns and tones at the same time, and is great for improving flexibility, dexterity, and strength because it is a total-body workout.


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