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7 Body Scrubs to Try this Season

7 Body Scrubs to Try this Season

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    Mar 02, 2016   Author : admin

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Here’s a dirty little secret: not all the bottles and tubs of skin conditioning products you spend hundreds of dollars on are good for your skin. Sometimes, they are more damaging for your skin than they are healthy for it! The need for purer alternatives for skincare products is where these body scrub recipes come in. Made with chemical-free, wholesome ingredients—some being lemon, oatmeal, honey—these body scrubs are not only refreshing for your skin, they are also easy to whip up and can be made on a low budget!

Lemon Sugar Body Scrub 

A sugar-based body scrub infused with lemon will naturally exfoliate and lighten the skin because of the lemon’s antibacterial and cleansing properties. The ingredients for this are fairly basic kitchen staples: sugar, olive oil, vanilla extract, and lemons, of course.

Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub

It’s imperative, really, for any skin product to smell great. The lavender-vanilla combination has that sweet, milky smell that is hard not to love—what’s more, as a body scrub, it can soothe and tone your skin.

Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

The combination of coffee and coconut makes for a powerful body scrub that has anti-oxidant properties (thanks to coffee!) and moisturizing effects, courtesy of the coconut content. It also incorporates a dash of cinnamon for antibacterial properties.

Better than Chocolate Body Scrub

It seems that no form of chocolate disappoints. As a body scrub, it has antioxidant properties and helps reduce cellulite on the skin. It doesn’t hurt that it smells delicious, too!

Green Tea Body Scrub

It’s common knowledge that drinking green tea will benefit you greatly, but it appears that applying it on skin also perks it up! The antioxidants in green tea will definitely be present in the scrub and do its magic on the skin. Drop a lemon or cucumber essential oil to it would make for a great scent. 

Pumpkin-Honey Baking Soda Scrub

No salt or sugar in this one. It may be a three-ingredient body scrub recipe but it is definitely powerful for your skin. Honey boosts complexion and clears up your pores. Pumpkin has skin-healing properties, it being packed with vitamins. Finally, baking soda is a popular ingredient for lightening up scars. 

Peppermint-grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Peppermint and grapefruit together has an incredibly refreshing and revitalizing effect on the skin. This recipe also contains coconut oil, which is great for keeping your skin moisturized.

Gingerbread Sugar Body Scrub

This body scrub will leave you feeling holiday-ish—and since it’s something you can DIY, you can have this skin treat all year round. Ginger can clear up and tone skin, has anti-aging benefits, and can restore burnt patches of the skin. This body scrub will also lend a yummy, warm gingerbread smell!

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