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5 Travel Books to Give You the Travel Bug

5 Travel Books to Give You the Travel Bug

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    Sep 18, 2015   Author : admin

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Travel books come in all different styles. For example, some give you detailed information on the history and architecture of the places visited while others are about the people, the food and the experience.

However, no matter which travel books you choose, picking the best ones is sure to give you the travel bug.

Notes from a Small Island - Bill Bryson

If you haven't travelled around the UK much yet then this book could inspire you to do so. American born author Bryson take a farewell trip round the country before taking his family to the US to live. It is full of great places, cracking jokes and some interesting insights into the British way of life.   

Around the World in 80 Days - Michael Palin

The likeable Palin had a huge amount of success with this book and the TV programme it was based on. His route closely followed the one taken by Phileas Fogg in the Jules Verne book of the same name. Palin's fun narrative adds greatly to the charm of this globe-trotting book and shows us what it is like to speed round the planet as quickly as possible.

The Innocents Abroad - Mark Twain

Published in 1869, this was one of the very first travel books ever to reach out to a huge number of readers. It tells of Twain's boat trip to Europe and the Holy Land.  The writer's biting wit and criticisms mean that he isn't always positive about the travel experience. However, it is an interesting read about some of the planet's most fascinating and historic sites.  It also shows us how the pleasure of travelling has long captivated people.   

On the Road - Jack Kerouac

For a completely different style of travel book you could try Kerouac's classic tale of the beat generation. On the Road is regularly rated as one of the best books ever written. It takes us on an exhilarating road trip through 1940s and 50s USA with jazz, poetry and drugs all part of the deal.  

The Beach - Alex Garland

This tale of finding an earthly paradise in Thailand has inspired many backpackers since it was published in 1996. You might have already seen the film with Leonardo DiCaprio but the book is even better. If this doesn't inspire you to look for great travel destinations then maybe nothing will.  


MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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