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5 Travel Apps Every Londoner Must Know!

5 Travel Apps Every Londoner Must Know!

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    Jul 08, 2016   Author : admin

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Living in a big city such as London may have its pros and cons, but technology is coming to help us, with hundreds of apps and websites where we can find all of the information that we need and even more. From beauty apps that help us book beauty treatments easily and at convenient prices, to transport apps that help us to figure out where to go and how much it will take and cost to get there, here is the list of the most “Londoner friendly” apps that you will love once you’ve tried them.


Price: Free

Wriggle is an app that offers exclusive deals at local pubs, restaurants, and events near you. You are asked to provide your details and location and you will immediately receive and offers, plus tips on upcoming trendy spots local to you.

The app is available for both Apple and Android and it’s mainly focused on Bristol independent restaurants and bars. The layout is simple and instinctive and each deal page gives you information about the venue and the deal, along with a “Book Now” button. 

It is definitely worth trying this app, especially if you are tired of always eating and the same steakhouse chain and want something more exclusive… Wriggle has the answer!

Wriggle can also be used online, you just need to sign up and then feel free to enjoy the great services they provide.

You can download it from here for both iOS and Android: 


Price: Free

Hype is an app that uses your location to find the best events near to you. Thanks to the real-time programme, it will keep you updated with the latest things happening in your area and the best ticket deals. It also helps you check out the coolest shops, bars and cafes near you real time and, in addition to all of these amazing features, the app sends you live notifications with regards to the events or places that you are interested in to.

Everyone who is new to London, such as university students, and want to get around the city spotting the best independent cafes and restaurants should download this app because it’s definitely going to be helpful!

The app is only available for iOS users, get it here.


Price: Free

Calling the plumber and not having to wait 3 hours until he gets to your house is not a dream anymore. Thanks to this great app, Bizzby, you will have the chance to know exactly how long the professional will take to get to your place and, in case it’s still a too long waiting time, you can set the app with a shorter amount of waiting time and see if there are any other professionals available near you.

Bizzby is an app that lets you find and book household and personal services quickly and at convenient prices. It has a search engine that varies from professionals in various industries, from plumbing to massage therapy.

It is location based, so it will only show you professionals who are at a maximum of 30 minutes from you and are available within one hour. 

The provider is also available online, so you can book the services both through the app or the website.

You can download it for free from the App store. Only for iOS users, get it here.

Tube Exits

Price: £0.79

To those who are in London for pleasure, this may seem a useless app but, for those of us who are Londoners all year round and need to get off and Baker Street to go to work, this app can be time (and life!) saving. 

Some days tube carriages are so packed that you nearly have the chance to get in, imagine how hard it is to get out of the train quickly enough to catch your connection. Thanks to this app, Tube exits, you will be able to get off the train right where you need (in front of the platform exit, for instance). 

Using a sophisticated calculation software, the app will predict which carriage to take and where to sit or stand in order to get out of the station as soon as possible and avoid having to scream and shout “Excuse me” while hopping off the train.

You can get the app for £0, 79 only for iOS users here.

London Cycle

Price: Free

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to get around by bike, instead of using cars or public transports. This app will find you the fastest and safest cycling routes in the city and, it also has a featuring tool which helps you locate the nearest Barclays Bike stations so you can have a nice ride and then bring the bike back to the stationery. 

The economic side of it is very important too; thanks to this app, you can also keep track of your rental charges with a useful timer and alarm included in the app. 

Last but not least, the app gives you the opportunity to check the bikes availability real-time, thanks to a refresh button on the data page.

These sound like a lot of services for a free app!

Download it here for iOS and Android.


Price: Free

The app slogan is right, “Beauty in your pocket”, because that’s exactly what Treat Well is about!

Both the app and the website are worth visiting, with a simple yet impressive layout, they offer hundreds of different services and at different price ranges. From hair removing to med & dental as well, it’s likely that you will find EVERYTHING you need on this platform. This colourful and fresh layout will guide you through the app, where not only you can find beauty salons or other services near to you, but you can also book an appointment

On the app store you will also find a Treat Well Connect app, aimed to the owners of salons who want to easily manage their working schedule and daily appointments.

And, if all of this wasn’t enough, the app is also free!

Download the app for iOS here. Or, for Android here.

So, if you are a Londoner and this list has helped you, don’t forget to share the article and follow the Canary on social networks!

Images: iTunes, TechSpark, DailyPhotoStream | MYC Writer: Daniella Pisciottano

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