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5 Tips On How to Achieve A Smaller Waist!

5 Tips On How to Achieve A Smaller Waist!

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    Apr 27, 2016   Author : admin


Our body is composed of what we eat, which is why health experts advice that we choose what we eat wisely. In this regard, certain healthy foods is definitely admirable over fattening ones because they eventually help you get a smaller waist. If you continue to swap from eating fatty foods to healthy-inducing onese even just twice each week, you’ll save so many calories already! The trick is just to make a few minor adjustments in our daily diet. MYC Writer Priyanka Ajmani gives you some snack alternatives below:

Here are a few simple food swaps that can help you get a smaller waist:

1. Eat whole fruits in place of sugary cookies.

Cookies of all shapes and sizes taste simply amazing but cookies are high on calories and the biggest disadvantage of eating them is that you just can’t stop at one! You would need to replace this cluster of calories with whole fruits. Not only are fruits more filling; they have very less calories and help you to feel full. The next time you need a snack, just grab an apple or a pear and you’re good to go.

Tip: A bowl of low fat vanilla or fruit yoghurt with seedless grapes for that 5 o’clock sugar craving.

2. Mineral water to quench your thirst.

Most people are aware of the harmful contents of sodas and packaged juices but they still continue to consume these when thirsty. What people do not realise is that these contain artificial sugars in a large quantity and they cannot quench their thirst completely. In fact, they make the throat feel dry. Quench your thirst with a glass of clear mineral water. Water cannot be replaced by any liquid since 75% of our body is composed of water. 

TIP: Sip on lemon infused water. Few slices of lemon or lime in your water bottle.

3. Dress your salads in Olive Oil.

Instead of adding a thick sauce or dressing to your salad, use olive oil to dress your salad. Most salad dressings contain cream and/or mayonnaise and are very fattening and heavy. Forget the MAYO, mostly because its not a salad dressing, and never was! Olive oil is healthy and has fewer calories. Alternatively, you can also use yoghurt dressing for your dips. It gives a creamy effect and looks almost like mayonnaise!

Tip: A pinch of Persian spice Sumac with a tiny bit of hot sauce of your choice, olive oil, a squeeze of lemon/lime with salt and pepper to taste, will make you a fabulous dressing.

4. Eat Frozen Yoghurt instead of Ice Cream.

We all love ice creams even if it’s freezing outside. A cup of rich and creamy frozen yoghurt can also help to satisfy the craving for something sweet and cold. This low calorie treat will definitely please your taste buds and help you save a lot of calories.

Tip: For an ‘at home’ dessert option, freeze two bananas for an hour, and blend in your blender until soft and creamy. Top with few dark chocolate chips as a naughty treat, may be. 

5. Sip Green tea as opposed to Syrup laden Latte.

Many of us resort to sugary latte in the name of coffee before heading to work in the morning. A frothy latte is just the perfect thing to get energized but did you know that it’s loaded with cream and suga. Try drinking green tea in place of latte. This clear warm liquid also helps to energize and the best thing about it is, that it has zero calories. Wow!

Believe me, it’s not that tough! Some changes are essential to make so that you ca enjoy a disease free and long life.

Images: | MYC Writer: Priyanka Ajmani

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