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5 Times the Bad Moms Proved They Were Actually The Best Ever

5 Times the Bad Moms Proved They Were Actually The Best Ever

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    Sep 01, 2016   Author : admin


Raise it up for the baddest moms in the house!

Let’s admit it, being a mom is tough biz. It requires a special kind of superpower and at times, you just need to press the pause button. We have all been there. (And, we have all had moms we need to thankful for… well all the crap we’ve given them)

And, finally there is one movie, which is set to break all stereotypes and puts it foot down - Moms need “me-time” too! Sometimes, they need all the crazy to get over the daily grind. We love these women for setting an example, because at times they were totally badass “real” moms! 


When They Owned Behaving Badly Comedies, Like No Bro Ever!  - For as long as we’ve known behaving badly comedies has been dude territory. Which is totally unfair. And, these women have just an example challenging the stereotype that girls in movies need to be perfect and lady-like. What a way to shut out the misogynists, mommies!

By Looking Absolutely Gorgeous - Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn, totally get the most gorgeous moms ever award!

When They Had Some Meaningful Lessons to Preach - They ight not be owning the work-life balance like the perfect moms would, but they sure had the best lessons for their kids in self-reliance!

And Threw The Most Wild Mom-Party Ever! - They definitely won the partying since like a boss! Party like a mom is the new standard to meet now.

Always Stood by their kids - And, what made them the best baddest moms in town was the fact they were never afraid to declare their love for their babies!

So yeah! Really, nicely done ladies! Get ready to catch the mothers of all comedies, as they own the box office this weekend! Mic Drop.



Images - STX Entertainment  || MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta


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