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5 Things Not to Post on Facebook

5 Things Not to Post on Facebook

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    May 16, 2015   Author : admin

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In case you didn't know it yet, here are 5 things we all should NOT post on Facebook:

#1: Your birthdate and date of birth.

By giving away this type of information, you help identity thieves steal your financial life. Carnegie Mellon researchers recently discovered that they could reconstruct social security numbers by using an individual's birthday and place of birth.

#2: Venting and confessions

Facebook is not the place to vent about another person, disparage a co-worker, boss, company, school, or colleague or to promote one’s misogynistic, racist or sexist views. No matter how succinctly you may have written your post, you can be misunderstood, and no matter what your privacy settings are, word can get around. A Facebook “friend” of yours can easily show a person not on Facebook what you had posted. For some recent examples, just ask Justice Dianne Nicholas, who suddenly decided to retire after a Facebook post in which she mocked another judge with cancer. Another example is the dentistry students at Dalhousie University who made light of drugging female colleagues in order to sexually assault them. Needless to say, many people have found themselves in hot water after they denigrated someone on Facebook.

#3: Your mother’s maiden name

Your mother’s maiden name serves as the answer to many a security question. Common sense dictates that posting such confidential information in a widely-accessible online medium is just daft.

#4: Time away from home

Posting when and for how long you will be away from home – whether you are going to the grocery store or to Maui – lets your whole Facebook network know that your place will be vacant. Coupled with posting your home address (which you should NEVER do either), what more could a prospective criminal ask for? Same thing goes for signing in to a space to let people know your current location.

#5: Inappropriate photos

Hungover after taking too many shots at last night’s party? Moonlighting as an erotic dancer? Some photos are better left off Facebook. Prospective employers have been known to check a potential employee’s social media profiles before making a hiring decision. Make sure that whatever comes up looks professional.

On the note of inappropriate photos, posting photos of your children with their full names and dates of birth might not be such a good idea either. Such information can be used by predators to establish trust and lure your child away.

So now you know what and what NOT to post on Facebook. It's a social responsibility we all should carry out. But you can always share this article for everyone to read!


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