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5 Healthy Alternatives to Popcorn and Cinema Junk Food

5 Healthy Alternatives to Popcorn and Cinema Junk Food

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    Aug 31, 2016   Author : admin


It seems like popcorn (and any other cinema junk food, for that matter) and movies cannot exist without one another. When you come into the cinema hall, everybody is crunching on this snack and you can feel the smell of edible corn floating around.

And not everyone is excited about it. Not only is the crunching noise annoying, but also bad for the body if you’re on a diet. However, we’re talking about salty and sweet popcorn here, which was cooked in oil. If you make popcorn in your own microwave and don’t add much salt or sugar into it, the snack is not that bad for your body.

However, if you’re still concerned over your weight-loss plans, here are top 5 healthy alternatives to popcorn that actually help LOSE weight. 

Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds are even worse than popcorn – it’s hard to stop eating them and they are not that good for your weight-loss plans – which is why you should opt for pumpkin seeds. If you pan fry pumpkin seeds with a little bit of sea salt in a frying pan, they become a healthy alternative to eat in the cinema hall. Pumpkin seeds normalize blood pressure, promote good digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. 

Sultana grapes

This grape variety is a good option to chew on while watching a movie. It’s best suited for romantic movies. We chose sultana grapes over regular grapes because you don’t need to take seeds out of them. 

Rye croutons

If you fry rye croutons with oil and salt, you will not get a healthy snack. Instead, you can add a little bit of paprika, cinnamon or turmeric to make it more delicious. You can make your own croutons by drying them in the oven after cutting bread into small chunks. 

Dried fruit

Raisins, dried apricots and other dried fruit is a good idea, but a little too high in calories. You can see lots of different mixes of dried fruit at the shops these days: banana and mango chips, pineapple pieces, etc. A moderate intake of dried fruit (they contain sugars after all!) is considered to be a healthy snack that won’t affect your weight-loss plans, while also keeping you fuller and not let you think about munching on popcorn.

Veggie sticks

Long sticks of carrots, celery and cucumbers can be prepared at home. Or you can buy them at cafes, since they became a pretty popular snack with the whole veggie trend. Vegetables are health beneficial and low in calories. You can bring some variety into it with the help of sauce – cheese sauce or sour cream sauce.

As you can see, cinema halls do not have to be about popcorn and other cinema junk food, as it can be easily replaced with healthy alternatives. As a result, a person sitting next to you is happy (he/she might even ask you to share!) and you don’t disrupt your weight-loss plans.


MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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