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5 Female Centric Survival Movies To Watch After The Shallows

5 Female Centric Survival Movies To Watch After The Shallows

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    Aug 12, 2016   Author : admin


Gloria Gaynor probably sang “I Will Survive” just for these tough ladies!

The Shallows is a gorgeous Shark attack-slash-survival film that is being touted as the next best shark movie after Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws”. But, what makes it even better is the badass transformation of Blake Lively from everyone’s favorite red-carpet queen and high school princess from her Gossip Girl days, to this extremely strong female lead who is ready to survive against all odds. It just made us realize we need more lady-led survival movie in our lives- So, we picked out some of the best ones for you to keep your girl power rush going!

Mad Max: Fury Road – So what if Tom Hardy was the protagonist? This is hands-down one of the best feminist movies ever made and Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa is the best action queen we have ever seen. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it’s a survival story of a woman who rebels against a tyrant and tries to get to her homeland. 


Room-  In most survival stories, the dangers of the world is out to get you! But, Room, starring Brie Larson, just flips everything on its head as it explores the agony and challenges of a woman who tries to raise her son in the confines of a room for seven years. 


Wild – One woman against 1,100 miles of wilderness. “Wild” might inspire your solo travel fantasies and take it to the next level. Reese Witherspoon’s passion child is one of her most off beat venture so far, and a movie about a woman who takes a solo journey to get over a personal tragedy. 


Gravity – Survival warrants a lot of will power and mental strength and Sandra Bullocks’ Ryan Stone has both in plenty. The outer space is the wilderness here, as an astronaut and a medical engineer is left adrift in space after an accident. 


Tracks – The obstacle - The Australian desert.  The company – Four camels and a dog.

 In this Australian drama film Mia Watchowski sets out on a seemingly impossible trek, and survives sweltering heat, a 2,700 miles paths, snakes and much more  on her nine-month journey. 


And, of course, here’s the trailer for The Shallows 


Don’t forget to catch the film in theatres this weekend. We bet the films an all the other ones will inspire you – maybe, nothing THAT extreme, but definitely to survive Monday when the weekend ends. You do you, girls!


Images: Sony Pictures  || MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta

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