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4 Things About “Neon Demon” That Will Make You Very Uncomfortable

4 Things About “Neon Demon” That Will Make You Very Uncomfortable

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    Jul 08, 2016   Author : admin


Director Nicholas Winding Refn’s  Neon Demon is arguably the most graphic film to be released in Britain. Even way before its release the film has been much talked about. From marking Keanu Reeves’s return to the silver screen to Elle Fanning starring in this violent film at just 17 years old during the filming – everything has been eye catching. But, even though we are well aware of Refn’s flair of using violence in his films (remember “Drive”?), yet nothing could have prepared us for the disturbing experience that Neon Demon is. 

Of course, it’s a bizarre horror drama so we never expected sunshine and unicorns! But, the film is rife with blood, gore and graphic content like never seen before. It is the kind of film that one could love to hate, or take a while to digest. And, even if you’re lured by its stunning visuals and gorgeous soundtrack to venture into the cinemas – let us warn you , things might get really, really uncomfortable!


A Satire on Sexual Objectification that comes close to objectifying itself - So, the basic premise of the film goes like this – Jesse (Elle Fanning) is an aspiring model who moves to L.A but becomes a prey for the beauty obsessed fashion world, which holds more horrors than one might imagine. At its heart the movie serves as a satire of the cut-throat world of fashion and unrealistic beauty standards. However, the film comes very close to being the very thing that it opposes with its portrayal of women and more nudity than necessary.

It’s More Graphic Than Anything Seen Before – Yes, it’s very graphic. It’s more graphic than what you just imagined when we said “graphic”.

“Gory” Doesn’t Even Gets Close  -  The film stretches all kinds of boundaries that we are aware of. Blood and gore is one thing but this might be borderline gross. Cannibalism? Necrophilia? We wished it stopped there.

A Fall Back to the Psychotic Lesbian Trope isn’t Interesting – Just when we though Hollywood was over making really uncomfortable films about jilted lesbian characters out for revenge – they give us Neon Demon! Really, the psychotic lesbian character trope is so passé and yet this film manages to make it even more disturbing by creating a villain that makes us shudder.

All in all, you’ll need to have a strong heart and a strong stomach to sit through this film. We won’t discourage you from watching it because this film might really be your thing or it really might not be your thing – either way it’s an experience to learn from! Here’s the trailer to help you decide - 


Images: Broad Green Pictures, Amazon Studios   | MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta

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