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A 4-Step Guide to Looking Great the Morning After

A 4-Step Guide to Looking Great the Morning After

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    Jul 08, 2016   Author : admin

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You have just spent the night with someone special and you think the relationship might have a good chance of going in the direction you want. However, it’s the first morning waking up next to this new person and you really don’t want to scare your partner silly with your “morning look”. You want look a picture of “beauty” without actually jumping out of bed at 5 in the morning to spruce up your looks. You want to look picture perfect and keep the fizz from fizzing out too soon. Don’t panic. All is not lost because with a few handy tips -- and some luck -- you will still look just like you did before your “partner” went to dreamland. Here's a 4-step guide to looking great the morning after:

Step #1: Never go anywhere without your trusty ration of Vaseline.

You can easily launch into a quick and refreshing look with this little wonder “tool”. Smoothen out any stray eyebrows while removing any smudges of mascara. Put some on your lashes to make them all doe-eyed. Although virtually bare of makeup, you will still look just as appealing and seductive.

Step #2: Have those kissable and inviting lips all puckered up.

It would be a good idea to have a quick gargle with some toothpaste if time permits. You don’t want to put anyone off with your morning breath. If you want to get creative, then rub a little sugar and lemon over your lips. This will simply drive your bed mate wild with desire. This, of course, means you would definitely have to prepare these ingredients beforehand and keep them handy to use at the first chance you get.

Step #3: A simple smile melts every heart.

Even if you look a fright upon waking and don’t have the opportunity to quickly dive into the bathroom for a quick fix, a brilliant smile is bound to melt any heart. If brilliance will not do the trick for you, how about you plaster on a sexy, eyes half-closed version of your sexiest smile.

Step #4: Tame that unruly mane.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have soft bouncy curls the first thing in the morning. For most of us, it takes a hair product or two to make us look like models with perfect hair. Have some tools of the trade handy for emergencies. These may include some bobby pins or a hair bridge to give you some semblance of normality. Plaiting your hair will also help give you lovely curls when you undo them.

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