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3 Things to know about Lights Out

3 Things to know about Lights Out

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    Aug 19, 2016   Author : admin


Okay, the first thing you need to know is – you’re going to be sleeping with the lights on tonight!

Lights Out is the latest horror flick in the house that is going to be giving us sleepless nights for a long, long time! Starring Teresa Palmer, the film is about a young woman Rebecca who experiences, well super creepy things whenever the lights are turned out, that makes her question her sanity. But when her brother, Martin, starts experiencing the same things – Rebecca must get to the bottom of the visions, only to unlock some terrifying secrets and entities.

If you’re a horror buff and appreciate a good scare – it’s definitely a film you shouldn’t miss at the cinemas. But, here are a few interesting facts about the film that will surely get you a little more excited!

The Conjuring Connection

Here’s the trailer for Lights Out


You obviously couldn’t miss the Conjuring vibes, right? That is because, Lights Out comes from the  same family of films that has been re-defining and has pretty much become the sole authority in Hollywood horror flicks. Director James Wan, who previously directed The Conjuring, Insidious and Saw movies, donnes the producer hat here. While, Swedish director David F. Sandberg has conceptualized and directed the film, the theme does seem quite reminiscent of the previous offerings from the team.

It’s Actually Inspired By a Short Film – Remember that short that would keep popping up on your Facebook feed a while back, until you unwittingly clicked on the play button and got the scare of your lifetime? Yes, this one 


Turns out the film doesn’t only have an uncanny resemblance to the video, but was actually based on it. The viral short film was made by the then aspiring film maker Sandberg, who had shot the film with a shoe-string budget then, but then cut a deal to make the full-length film after its massive success.

Get Ready For a Sequel – This could pretty much be the next horror franchise we could be obsessed with, because a sequel is already in works. While Sandberg is currently busy directing Annabelle 2, the news of a sequel is somewhat confirmed. James Wan will be returning as producer, which is a bummer! But, the rest of team staying intact makes us happy …or scared…well, both!


Image: Warner Bros. Pictures || MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta

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