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3 Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic People in Life and at Work

3 Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic People in Life and at Work

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    Oct 05, 2016   Author : admin

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More than half of success in your life depends on your surroundings and the people you communicate with on everyday basis at work, at home and when resting. Whether you want it or not, your relatives, friends and colleagues shape you into either a successful person or a loser. 

Toxic people are the people that take away all of your energy, constantly drag you down and don’t let you succeed. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are doing it on purpose, it might just in their inner nature. 

Make a choice to not spend time with this kind of people. It doesn’t mean you should burn your bridges and fight with these people, no – just push them away from your ‘circle’. Imagine that your social circle is a universe, and you have to send the toxic people to the most distant planet. 

What do you do if your relatives and colleagues turn out to be toxic people? Keep in mind that you are responsible for how people treat you and that you are the one who decides how people treat you. If you are being dragged into negative conversations, most of the times about yourself, they frustrate you, humiliate you, question your abilities and doubt in you – push these people as far as possible.

If you want to change these people and continue having them in your life, then here are a few ways how to do it. 

1. Talk to them. For example, if a toxic person has done something that made you upset, tell him/her that ‘from now on, if something like that happens, it would be best if you …’ (and tell him/her what would the best scenario that wouldn’t make you upset).

2. Now that you’ve voiced your opinion about the toxic person and have reached his/her understanding, it’s time to see if he/she will truly listen to your request.

3. Stop communicating with this person, if he/she keeps ignoring your request.

As you can see, it’s pretty simple. But you have to do something about toxic people or your self-esteem will gradually drop, and you’ll start doubting in yourself. And what can a person achieve if he/she is afraid of risking? It is our self-esteem that helps us do brave things in life and reach new heights. 

If you want to gravitate more pleasant (the opposite to toxic) people into your life, be outgoing, friendly, never complain, never gossip, never blame other people, never make excuses and never be jealous. Those are the things losers do. Instead, be full of energy, be fun and creative. Do your thing with a smile on the face, and everything in your life will be awesome!

Image: LifeHacker, SimpleCareerLife, LifePapers | MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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