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3 Easy Ways You Can Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

3 Easy Ways You Can Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

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    Aug 09, 2016   Author : admin

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Your nervous, compulsive attraction to your smartphone is no longer a harmless fad. Experts who study nomophobia (the fear of staying without your device) emphasize it’s a sort of behavioral addiction the same as shopping or exercising. You must know freaks who clutch their devices and stare at the screens wherever they are (even when they are sweating in the gym, having a date, eating in the restaurant or strolling with a baby). It looks awful when you see it in someone, but how about you?    

Smartphones substitute a reality for us: most people find them easier (and more predictable) in handling than real people. The study made by the Baylor University shocks: girls of college age spend up to 10 hours a day “in their smartphones” surfing and texting. It is incomparably more than we usually spend with our friends. Paul Hokemeyer has studied smartphone addiction for years and became sure: devices are so addicting because they cause the releasing of serotonin and dopamine – the hormones of happiness – in our brains. This illusion of happiness makes people stick to their screen when in reality their life is going to ruin in the same time. Doctor Hokemeyer came to a conclusion that smartphone addiction is a sign of serious internal discomfort (depression or trauma).         

Smartphones, these frenemies, are actually adult people’s soothers. When we have problems with real people in our lives, it’s easier to plunge into the digital world instead of healing these relationships. This choice can seriously hurt our personal life. Moreover, having a sight stuck to the screen we miss so many fun and cool things in life!!!    

So what should we do about our smartphone mania not to allow it to turn into a serious addiction? We definitely must have rules for using our devices:

> Turn your smartphone off (totally off!) in a set time in the evening and then turn it on in the morning. Don’t deceive yourself with just putting the device somewhere out of your arm’s reach.  

> Track the time you spend in the digital world. Set an alarm to make breaks for half an hour.

> Look deep into your soul and find your real problem you want to drown in digital waters of oblivion. Smartphone won’t solve it. Only a human being like you can fix your life!

MYC Writer: Anna Yarmoshchuk

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