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2016 TV Technology That You Need to Know About

2016 TV Technology That You Need to Know About

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    Jan 25, 2016   Author : admin

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The last few years have been packed with some incredible advances in television technology, as new models and new formats have appeared.

It seems as though this trend is going to carry on in 2016, as we have some exciting new pieces of TV technology to look forward to.

Incredibly Thin TVs 

The year starts with the latest gadgets on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This year’s CES saw an incredible roll up TV shown off by LG. It might look like a gimmick but the fact that this television is only 0.18 mm shows us how sleek we can expect them to be in the future.

The model in question can be rolled up like a newspaper and has an 18 inch OLED display. While thin screens have been around for a while, 2016 could be the year in which ridiculously thin models finally hit the mainstream.

Virtual Reality


The Oculus Rift headset is due to launch in 2016 and for the moment most of the talk has been about the gaming possibilities this will offer. However, it seems likely that virtual reality technology will also impact enormously on the way we watch TV at home.

Can you imagine settling down to watch your favourite show and finding yourself standing right in the middle of it? Or putting on a film and getting thrown straight into the action? We shouldn’t expect these changes overnight but 2016 could be the year in which we start to see virtual reality TV become a very real possibility. 

Super UHD, HDR and 8K

CES 2016 also saw an amazing looking Super UHD TV revealed by LG. At a time when many people are still thinking seriously about moving to HD it is interesting to see that manufacturers are already bringing out even more advanced models like this.

As well as the increased clarity and improved colours promised by Super UHD, there is also High Dynamic Range (HDR) to consider. This is a new type of technology that adds more vibrant colours and more defined blacks and whites to the screen. It is also worth mentioning that 8K could be appearing soon, taking over from 4K TV before the latter even really gets going.


MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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