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15 Best Animated Movies We Love to See Over and Over Again!

15 Best Animated Movies We Love to See Over and Over Again!

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    Aug 23, 2016   Author : admin


Because we will always be kids at heart.

1) Lilo & Stitch's Hawaiian dance is just too addictive to forget.

2) Childhood will always correlate with Winnie The Pooh, always.

3) Can you believe Johnny Depp was in the movie Rango? Yep, he was the chameleon lead star.

4) Remember when you think Monster House was the scariest movie, ever?

5) How To Train Your Dragon is the next best thing to finding your own superhero.

6) When Finding Nemo became a worldwide success, it also became the most used meme online.

7) Monsters Inc. may be full of monsters, but the movie will melt your heart.

8) If you're up for a soul-searching animated movie, re-watch Toy Story.

9) Because superheroes deserve a lego version, too.

10) Ratatouille will inspire you to never give up on your dreams.

11) We all had a great laugh when watching Chicken Run.

12) The future is Wall-E.

13) Major life lessons from watching Up.

14) Before anything else, there were The Incredibles.

15) Kung Fu Panda proved that heroes come in all shapes, sizes and form.

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