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11 Facts in Your Résumé Nobody Cares a Straw About

11 Facts in Your Résumé Nobody Cares a Straw About

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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Great résumé is our pass to a better life as it is the first thing that impresses the potential employer. But when compiling this document, we usually make mistakes overloading it with useless facts. We are afraid of being too modest and tend to boast things people care a straw about. So, how to write an outstanding resume and not waste the bandwidth?

  1. “Littery” and complicated résumé. The document must be easy to read and clear so that the employer could quickly find all necessary facts.
  2. Your photo. Unless it was required, the photo in the résumé is absolutely unnecessary. 
  3. Skills everybody has. Don’t boast your grasp of Microsoft Word unless you developed its free version.
  4. Hackneyed phrases. “Empty” sentences like “I’m looking for a work with personal growth” automatically send you to the long row of mediocre employees. You’d better focus on the job description and think what you can offer. 
  5. Pretentious fonts and creative formatting. It may sound illogical, but such résumés are more likely to be thrown away into the dustbin. Your employer must have seen tons of such papers. If you want to present something really innovative, learn from Nina Mufleh who impressed the Airbnb’s CEO and landed the job of her dream. 
  6. Personal details. Nobody cares how you spent your last summer (if it doesn’t refer to the job you apply for) or your political and religious views. It sounds weird, but herds of employees believe it’s important.
  7. Forget about an all-purpose résumé. Every job position requires special skills, so it’s better to make different résumés for different occupations. Nobody cares about your skills that don’t refer to the position discussed.
  8. Unexplained gaps. Gaps look like idleness. If you were working as a freelancer for a year, don’t hold back it. It can be a great attachment to your résumé especially if you mastered some skills. 
  9. Unfilled profiles in social media. However discouraging it may sound, but social media dictate their influence in HR practices. They are actually your second résumé. Today the employer is likely to find you there first and then decide about the interview. 
  10. Description of your previous tasks. You’d better focus on the goals achieved (increasing profit, a cutback in production costs and so on). All statements about your success must be very clear. Use facts. 
  11. Work email. Email you used while working for your previous employer is already in the past. Use your private email; otherwise, the new company’s staff won’t contact you.

Be smart and good luck in compiling rocking résumés!


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Written by MYC Writer Anna Yarmoshchuk

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