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10 Reasons We Are Ecstatic That Bridget Jones is Back!

10 Reasons We Are Ecstatic That Bridget Jones is Back!

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    Sep 16, 2016   Author : admin


Bridget Jones is back with Bridget Jones’s Baby and we are a screaming with excitement! 15 years after the first movie hit the screens, our spunky heroine is back to her old ways  - read: being single AF and this time she’s pregnant. So, yes we can expect a lot of hormones flying around and a whole lot of Bridget antics because Bridget jones just brings it. Plus, we have everybody’s eye-candy Colin Firth, AND the swoon-worthy Patrick Dempsey wooing for our lady. We are definitely ready for this one.

The trailer looks hilarious and the good vibes have been flowing around ever since the movie was announced. But there are way more reasons why we are totally excited about Bridget Jones being back!


Because Bridget Jones stands for the forever splinster! -She basically makes us realize how are single lives aren’t all that bad. Well, at least we are not alone.

She is the goddess of body positivity - Bridget Jones is about being comfortable in your skin. Comfort shall be over anything else. Granny panties FTW!

And we have basically grown up with her - Yes, all those days watching Bridget Jones movies for Christmas. Watching her go from a tween to exploring marriage and now motherhood - she has basically taken the lead for us.

She inspires us to embrace our less-perfect side - She is quirky, messy, definitely not perfect - but deserves to be loved like all of us.

She is a rom-com heroine who is super super real - Remember the time she made new year resolutions she knew she couldn’t stick with? Or spent a holiday singing a classic tune in her pyjamas? Yes, that’s how real she is.

We are up for a funny, heartwarming romance - The movies were so hilarious and yet so heartwarming, we can definitely use more of those.

She is our spirit animal - She is always up for taking risks, getting a career change or running after her perfect her underwear…. In the snow! We know we all wanted to do that but had something holding us back.

Bridget inspires us to improve - She inspires us to take the challenge, lose that extra pound, and to never settle!

But also to embrace our bad choices - So yes, we all make bad choices. So what!

And, she always has the best men *wink* - Ah we cannot not admit that we didn’t swoon over Mark Darcy’s charms. Or was tempted to make the wrong choices thanks to Hugh Grant’s blue eyes. But, now we are extremely eager to find is we are going to fall for Patrick Dempsey. After all, our girl Bridget has all the luck! 

Image: Universal Pictures | MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta

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