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10 Houses You Won't Believe Exist

10 Houses You Won't Believe Exist

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    Jul 16, 2015   Author : admin

There are a variety of different houses out there that you would never believe can actually exist. Some may seem impossible to live in, while some may seem like they couldn’t possibly stand due to its complexity. But they all have one thing in common, they’re 100% unique. Check them out below:

The Heliodome

This home is built near Strasbourg, in the eastern part of France. It was built to provide optimum temperatures to the occupants as the angle keeps out excess sun in the summer months and pulls in that same sunlight during the winter. This allows the temperatures to stay relatively consistent despite changing temperatures outside.

Rock House

This house is unique because it’s built entirely on a rock. And a rather small rock at that. Located near Bajina Basta on the Drina River, this rock house was built in 1968.

The Narrow House

If you look very closely in the middle of this image you’ll see a very narrow, gray building. That building is actually on 36” (that’s 3 feet) wide at the narrowest point and yes, someone actually lives there.

Rooftop Mountain

This house was built entirely illegally on top of an apartment building. It’s actually made of stone and definitely a pretty amazing place to live. It was torn down pretty quickly after the construction was complete but still looks pretty great.

Shoe House

There really is an old lady who lives in a shoe (or rather a man). Built in 1948, this house was intended to showcase the shoes that a man named Mahlon Haines was selling. It has plenty of room for a family as well as the shoes and an ice cream shop.

The Treehouse

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a tree this is about as close as you can get without actually being in a tree. Built six meters up, it’s braced on two trees and requires a ladder to get inside. It’s located in Cino, Nagano, Japan.

The Cube House

These houses are actually three stories tall and completely built into the form of a cube. Built in an area with very little excess space, these homes were intended for a great, popular neighborhood. The design of Piet Bloom, these homes are located in Rotterdam, Holland.

A Crooked House

No there’s nothing wrong with your computer. This house really does look that way. Located in Sopot, Poland, it is definitely an amazing piece of art. It’s actually inspired by images from a fairytale.


Don’t see the house? Take a little closer look and you’ll see the windows amid the beautiful green space. This is definitely an interesting home and one that’s built into the beautiful surroundings. 

The Water Tower

This house is actually built around a water tower and it’s definitely interesting and something you’d be amazed to see. It’s definitely built up into the clouds.


Images via Reuters, BusinessInsiders

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