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10 Best Tips on How to Travel on A Budget

10 Best Tips on How to Travel on A Budget

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    Nov 09, 2016   Author : admin

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They said that once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote but why cure this happy disposition if it’s not even close to an ailment? Human beings are genetically wired to travel so we always want to explore and discover new things and places. We travel to amazing places so that we can always go back home with hundreds of stories to share while others embark on a journey to self-rediscovery. Whatever your reason might be, only one thing is certain: we travel to learn about others and more so about ourselves.

However, no matter how we plan that backpacking trip of a lifetime, there’s always that one thing that pulls you from jumping on that plane or in catching that scenic train ride: breaking the bank. Here are ten travel tips for those who would like to travel like a boss on a shoestring budget.

1. Hitch hike


Hitch hiking is very popular in Europe and is a good way not only to save money but also meet strangers along the way. These strangers could possibly turn out to be acquaintances or friends at the end of the trip so why not strike a conversation? A word of caution: solo female travelers are advised to be on full alert.

2. Why not give couchsurfing a try?

Couchsurfing is an online platform that allows you to stay for free for a few nights with members who might have a spare couch or bed while others are gracious enough to let you stay for as long as you want. Couchsurfing is also a great opportunity to meet and interact with locals who are very much familiar with the place.

3. Book plane tickets way in advance

Plane tickets usually reach skyrocketing prices when you book them a few days before your intended date of departure so it’s practical to book them in advance as you may save big time on this. Also make sure to be flexible on your preferred travel dates as flights during weekdays are relatively cheaper compared to weekend flights. Also, early morning and late evening flights are reasonably priced as compared to any time of the day.

4. Why not try to stay in hostels?


You’re a budget-conscious traveler. Staying in an 8 or even 10-bed hostel might not be a fancy idea especially if you like some privacy but sometimes you need to make compromises in order to save enough as money as you can during your trip. Aside from being budget-friendly, staying in hostels also gives you the chance to socialise and mingle with other like-minded travelers. Who knows you might end up with a few friends along the way.

5. Avoid peak season

Remember this golden rule when it comes to traveling, as it is pretty much exact and precise. Go travel and explore during the off-peak season as fares are cheaper, hotels are on a discount, transportation is convenient and there are fewer people around. The only downside of traveling during off-peak season is that the weather might be erratic with a few rains in between.

6. Walk, walk and walk a little more


Why not give up the thought of hopping from one bus to another and taking train rides? Instead of taking public transportation, it’s advisable to walk as this allows you to cut down your travel expenses. Aside from being an effective money-saving strategy, walking also has additional benefits such as sight seeing and people watching.

7. Ride and rent a bicycle

If you’re planning to stay for at least a month or two, renting a bicycle might be a clever idea as it allows you to cut down your transportation expenses. Riding a bike is one of the most delightful moments of traveling for it gives you the absolute freedom to explore more distant places.

8. Avoid talking to touts

This is a universal truth in traveling around Asian countries. Touts are more often willing to take you to the places you wanted to see but they will charge you at an extra cost. The best thing to do when you meet a tout is to ignore him and just keep walking until he disappears in sight.

9. Avoid partying too much

Sure an alcohol can calm down your nerves but too much booze and partying could further damage your budget. Learn how to make wise money decisions and master the art of self-control.

10. Shop on a budget


Only shop for souvenir items you'll know will make you remember the good memories of your trip. Avoiding stopping by luxury stores or malls when you're in another city to avoid shopping over the budget. Make sure you only bring enough cash for occasional food stops and rides.


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