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“The Net Set” Generation of Fashion

“The Net Set” Generation of Fashion

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    Jul 16, 2015   Author : admin

The next best thing in fashion has finally arrived. Online fashion retail giant, Net-A-Porter, recently unveiled its new social networking app called “The Net Set”. Technically, it’s still a shopping app which allows fashion lovers to snag items from their favorite brands such as Balenciaga, Chloe, Michael Kors, Saint Laurent and more. But what sets it apart from all the other shopping apps out there is that it’s based on real-time, with real people posting items they’re currently coveting and buying. Net-A-Porter even tapped fashion bloggers, models and designers to join the mobile shopping app bandwagon. So don’t be surprised when Poppy Delevingne just “admired” your set!

The Net Set, which is deemed to be every fashion lovers go-to social shopping app, was built by Sarah Watson and Alexandra Hoffnung. The ladies knew there was something missing in the fashion-obsessed world of digital technology, with more and more people wanting things at a click of a finger. With The Net Set app, all you have to do is to create a virtual profile, fill it with your choice of Net-A-Porter goods (just click on that heart button), follow your friends and trendsetters, or follow a “style tribe” if you want to see a set of your preferred style such as "Rock Chic", "Black is the New Black", "Double Denim", "Monochrome", and "The Bohemians", among others. However, users will also be able to create their own style tribe and let it trend worldwide. But that’s not the best part about this app; Try uploading a photo of your own and see a smattering of "style matches” from beauty products, accessories to shoes and clothing! Whether you’ve taken a photo of a flower or the sky, relevant products that matched the design will ensue. Amazing, right?

Since The Net Set is not just a shopping app, users will have a chance to mingle with like-minded tastemakers and comment on items added to their feed. But in this app, you don’t get to amass followers or friends. Instead, you will be “admired” by people who like your sense of style and fashion. Once you get the hang of the social networking experience, you can go right ahead and shop to your heart’s content. Brands will have dedicated pages for you to visit so you can purchase items directly in-app with global overnight delivery in 170 countries, and same-day delivery in Manhattan, London and Hong Kong. The Net Set is indeed the generation of fashion.

“The Net Set” is free for download in the iTunes App Store for Apple users with a later Android launch planned this month.


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Written by Elonah Jade Bioneda

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